Vanessa Gravina, l’attrice rivelas an agghiacciante dramma: “Ho rischiato di diventare cieca”

Il Paradiso delle Signore is one of the telenovelas from Punta della Rai, a pure Italian product that has achieved great success through the audience of the wide audience. In the corso degli anni, the telenovela has excited the public with its avvincent story and always più intricate intrecci. Ciò è dovuto non soltanto alla sceneggiatura, ma mainly al cast, che è composto da attori molto talentuosi e charismatici. Tra loro c’è Vanessa Gravina, già apparsa nella soap opera di Rai1 Incantesimo. Vanessa Gravina is noted for so many ruoli that she has interpreted in the course of her long carrier. She l’attrice, infatti, è entera far part of the world dello spettacolo when she was ancora giovanissima, ossia when she aveva appena undici anni. Da allora, the lady has taken part in a great number of films and television series, showing her all her talent and growing numerous consents from the public. And his love for her for the recitation is also shown by a very particular fact, that the actress has shown evidence in recent times.

L’attrice, infatti, has letterally scioccato i fan con una dichiarazione inaspettata. Come si sa, trovarsi its a cinematographic set is always a very beautiful experience, to the extent that it will excite both the common people and how much they add to the work. Certainly, because she creates a routine and does not present a memorable event, Vanessa Gravina’s experience with her set in particular will surely remain imprinted in her memory forever. When Ella Gravina is about 13 years old, infatti, she is the victim of an incident, her set that has caused her to lose her sight. Vanessa si trovava sul set di Don Tonino, as much as the filter of the rifle was not great and because of this the actress began to feel a lot of heat. Ma she is not finita qui, ecco thing has detto l’attrice: “I risked compromising my sight due to an injury to the cornea that I had once I felt hot on my own, so much so that I could get rid of it with the risk of falling back home. Ero terrorizzata, temevo di diventare cieca“.

When she returns home, Vanessa is sick and when she is svegliata, she has started to notice an unbearable agli occhi annoyance. She l’attrice has detto di aver provato un sensazione orribile as she has seen degli aghi negli occhi of her. Ecco as she continues her testimony of a così brutta experienza: “Sono dovuta restare blessed per tre giorni e ho dovuto I will use an antibiotic pomata with il cortisone, ma prima di recitare sono passate tre setimane. And I started to feel my davvero bene only dopo a month “. Ma perché l’attrice ha vissuto questo dramma? What is the reason? The truth is that Vanessa is troppo esposta ai riflettori, which has caused damage to her cornea causing a gross swelling, fortunately non-permanent. Because of this, the woman close anchor to avoid esporsi al sole nelle ore di punta and she carries spesso gli occhiali da sole.

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Vanessa Gravina, l’attrice rivelas an agghiacciante dramma: “Ho rischiato di diventare cieca”

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