The Umbrella Academy 3 and the transition of Elliot Page: Ecco come è stata gestita

Showrunner Steve Blackman spiega in che mode has even the personal journey of the actor inside the series introducing Viktor: “Ne sono molto orgoglioso”.

the sceneggiatura of it third stage gave The Umbrella Academyappena arrivata its Netflixit was già soon when Elliot Page has chiamato the showrunner of the series Steve Blackman per share with lui the news about his transition. Tuttavia, the sceneggiatore has ritenuto che fosse molto importante incorporate il suo percorso di vita de him nei new episode e si è activated subito per rimettere mano ai copyi. The result? Il coming out come transgender by Elliot Page has coincided with that by Viktor Hargreeves we see in questa terza stagione. Now that new episodes are available, Blackman has been able to explore the entire process and details of a creative soul with which he is associated. LGBTQ+ come the GLAAD Media Institute and many fans have agreed favorably.

The Umbrella Academy: Ecco come è stato introdotto Viktor

chatting with TVLineBlackman has contacted him immediately in contact with Nick Adamsvice president of the GLAAD Media Institute, who has repeatedly put him in contact with the writer and fighter transgender Thomas Page McBee. Insieme to quest’ultimo e allo this Elliot Page has così affrontato il delicate discorso dell’identità di genere de Viktor. “Let’s go back to the story of the stagione. Let’s go back to the story, or a part of the story, but we won’t eclissasse the other”, Blackman spiegato. Lo stesso McBee, in a recently published article his Esquirehas said that the writer of the transition of Viktor has presented “an opportunity to show an organic transition, fundamentally for the character, that could work only in concert with the archi dei of other characters, not eclissarli”.

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The Umbrella Academy 3: Il personaggio di Elliot Page fa coming out come transgender

Steve Blackman and the importance of making Viktor’s transition a familiar element of Hargreeves

Secondo Blackman, altrettan important was to show theto the reaction of the brotherhood of Viktor Dopo aver appreso the news. Also, he was disappointed with tempi diversioni, i membri della famiglia Hargreeves if we showed the whole solidali without dall’inizio, thing that the showrunner has ritenuto essenziale per lo svolgimento della stagione. “We’ll come back to you a story that fosse davvero pro-trans, authentic, sensitive and will show that the family possono accettare le persone trans nelle loro viteand it shouldn’t be a negative thing as it is often described in the media”, he observed. “That was fundamental. I spoke with Elliot and Thomas for all the time and I sound proud of how we abbiamo gestured the thing. Ho capito che la transition It’s been introduced in a way that we really felt great about us,” Blackman concluded.

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The Umbrella Academy 3 and the transition of Elliot Page: Ecco come è stata gestita

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