The Sony Bravia Smart TV is on sale: price is not to be missed

in the market Sony SmartTV It seemed like I’d say a little bit about the fasce, but also quietly to see the meglio bisogna rivolgersi alla fascia più alta. Or, at least, to that medium-high. It is useless to say that the models of Smart TV OLED are the ones I prefer to watch movies and TV series, but I have noticed that they have a higher price.

We decided to affidarci ad un buon marchio, come appunto Sonywe can also accommodate a TV in technology LCD perché, come ci garantisce il marchio, sarà una best LCD TV and good part of it”difetti“This technology is far from being superior to the manufacturer’s manufacturing cure. Now, this year, my Smart LCD TVs are on the market with their own models and Sony models, but they are not economical as far as products are concerned. Nearly the most expensive ones.” Rivolgersi a marchi como Hisense or Xiaomi, while I am willing to spendere di più sceglierà Samsung, LG or Sony itself. offer in corso su Amazonche ci permettono di risparmiare un bel po’ su alcuni modelli delle serie Bravia X80JP and Bravia X85JP.

Sony X80JP and X85JP: technical characteristics

due series Sony Bravia X80JP and X85JP di Sony sono entrambe molto recenti, risalgono infatti al 2021, and I am also very similar, so much so that you must pay attention to the code in the acquisition phase for this thing if you are buying. For a very brief talk: the X85JP series has a lot to say about the X80JP because it has a refresh rate that arrives at 120Hzwhile the other one is sick 60Hz.

What a difference It is absolutely irrelevant for most of the tools, but only for 120 Hz servo only for videogiochi And it is only played with a latest generation console, such as PlayStation 5 or XBox Series X.

For the rest, apart from minor differences in living of design, le due series are equivalent. Parliamo infatti di 4K SmartTV with LCD panel “full array“, quindi with direct lighting posteriore e non dal basso o dai lati della TV.

Tutti i modelli sono dotati del Sony 4K HDR X1 processorIt also manages the 4K X-Reality Pro technology that effectively upscals Full HD to 4K in optimal mode. C’è poi l’algorithm Triluminos Prothat I schedule its saturation, tonalità and luminosità migliora le sfumature, e c’è un HDR molto raffinato, il DolbyVision and Motion Flow technology to avoid the famous “ghost effect“nelle immagini in rapid movement.

From the audio point of view, invece, c’è la compatibilità Dolby Atmos e due speaker gives 10 watt ciascuno (if you get soundbar, eat alone with sottilissimi TV moderni).

Interesting the smart part, but if you base your google tvadvanced interface of AndroidTV, and perché c’è la Chromecast built in that allows me to proiettare lo schermo dello smartphone sulla grande TV. Decide the app availability and if it is compatible with Google Assistant che with Amazon-Alexa and persino with Apple Homekit.

Sony X80JP and X85JP: The Amazon offer

How easy it is to capire, quindi, le Sony Bravia Sony X80JP e X85JP sono Smart TV moderne alle quali non manca nulla Soddisfare you choose the medium user, who do not know enough to finely configure your settings and parameters and near a TV easy to use, that if it accesses, it works and “if you see good suddenly“.

with the dovuta 120 Hz premesseche a qualcuno potrebbero far comodo ma si pagano in più, questi sono i prezzi in offerta di quattro ottime Smart TV Bravia gives 43, 50 and 55 pollici Check out your Amazon.

Sony BRAVIA KD-43X80JP Smart TV 43 Pollici

Sony BRAVIA KD-43X80JP Smart TV 43 Pollici

Sony BRAVIA KD-50X85JP – Smart TV 50 pollici – 120Hz

Sony BRAVIA KD-50X85JP – Smart TV 50 pollici – 120 Hz

Sony BRAVIA KD-55X80JP – Smart TV 55 pollici

Sony BRAVIA KD-55X80JP – Smart TV 55 pollici

Sony BRAVIA KD-55X85JP – Smart TV 55 pollici – 120Hz

Sony BRAVIA KD-55X85JP – Smart TV 55 pollici – 120 Hz

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The Sony Bravia Smart TV is on sale: price is not to be missed

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