Sony Bravia, the smart TV 4K gives 50 pollici to the price più basso di semper

Niente sarà più eat raw. The audio and video quality degli smart TV Sony Bravia fa sì che, una volta “probati”, sarà difficile indietro. Gli apparecchi del produttore nipponico utilizzano tecnologie e funzionalità per always offer the best visual experience, in any situation or light condition.

If you pledge, ad esempio, il Bravia KD-50X80JP Thanks to the X1 / 4K X-Reality PRO processor and technology such as TRILUMINOS PRO and Full Array LED, it is able to offer realistic images, vivid colors and extremely deep. Insomma, an apparecchio estremamente valid e, oggi, tra le Amazon top offer thanks to one who is able to crollare the price and migliora in a vertiginous manner il rapporto qualità/price.

Sony BRAVIA KD-50X80JP: features and functionality

As an accent, the point of strength of the smart TV of the Japanese producer is represented by the combination of the X1 / 4K X-Reality PRO processor and the TRILUMINOS PRO technology. Grazie a quest’ultima, the pannello will be in degree of showing over 1 milliard of color sfumature, per immagini realistiche come non mai. The processor, in fact, if it manages the video settings autonomously, in order to guarantee the best viewing experience at any time and in any lighting condition.

Basically, in this sense, the technology Full Array LEDs and various sensors are available on the TV corner: the last time we analyze the environmental light condition, while the first consent to gain contrast with our depth, to immagini how much is possible. Not lacking for compatibility with Dolby Atmoscapable of creating an audio pieno and avvolgente degno delle migliori cinematografiche comes out.

To manage the tutto troviamo google tv, operating system for smart TV born gives a costla di Android (unfortunately the original name was Android TV). A complete and versatile operating platform, where you consent to the use of the installation of the cinema and the definition of the app from the user. Not only video and audio streaming services, dunque, ma also giochi, utilità e molto altro ancora. Google TV, poi, also supports Google Assistant, which allows you to manage the functionality of the TV with simple vocal commands: to change channels, launch the app, raise or lower the volume, it will not be necessary to use the remote control.

Sony Bravia, the smart TV gives 50 pollici on offer on Amazon: discount and price

The Sony Bravia KD-50X80JP is available exclusively on Amazon at the lowest price possible. The smart TV gives 50 pollici costs 549.00 euros, with a discount of 27% on the list. Il risparmio è consideravole: ben 200 euro in less rispetto al prezzo consigliato dal produttore nipponico.

Grazie ai servizi Amazon, poi, sarà possibile I will buy the Sony smart TV at a rate senza interessi né spese di istruttoria. Please register with Amazon Prime if you have not added a letter of debit or letter of credit to the payment method you may opt for. Amazon rate payment, who consents to delay the purchase in 12 months. The Sony Bravia KD-50X80JP costerà così 45.75 euro per month for 12 monthsossia little più di un caffè al giorno.

Sony Bravia KD-50X80JP, 50-inch 4K UHD smart TV with Google TV and voice assistant

Sony Bravia KD-50X80JP, 50-inch 4K UHD smart TV with Google TV and voice assistant

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Sony Bravia, the smart TV 4K gives 50 pollici to the price più basso di semper

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