Smart TV LG OLED: oggi costa meno della metà

The new gamma di LG OLED Smart TV 2022 It arrived in Italy at the end of April and, as it was foreseeable, it began to fioccare sconti eccezionali sui modelli 2021. Succede ogni volta che a produttore presents a listino aggiornamento e, di solito, è un’ottima occasione per fare un affare. In this case, given that most LG OLED Smart TVs are unrecognized, I understand the most economical attack model.

Stiamo talking di LG OLED48A16LAil “piccolo“Di Casa LG: è one Smart TV with diagonale da 48 people and resolution 4Kobviously OLEDfrom her A1 series. To avoid confusion, and to avoid acquiring sbagliati: the 2021 OLED gamma does divide the A1, B1, C1, G1 series (all the more economical and the more expensive), while the 2022 gamma divides the A2, B2, C2, G2 series (non tutti i modelli 2022 sono già arrivati ​​in Italia). Quindi LG OLED48A16LA è il attack model of the LG OLED gamma dell’anno scorso. And, clearly, it anchors a great acquisition, especially if you pay a metà price. Gia, met price: for the precision -51%.

LG OLED48A16LA: technical characteristics

LG OLED48A16LA It is a 48-inch Smart TV with 4K OLED screen, 60 Hz refresh rate and processor Alpha7 Gen4 that elaborates all the algorithms of correction and miglioramento delle immagini e del sonoro. The TV is quindi compatible with HDR, HDR10 Pro, HLG and Dolby Vision, has il Filmmaker mode and a riduzione of the video rumor to doppio step.

The 20 watt stereo audio counts instead of its Dolby-Digital, Adaptive Sound Control and AI Acustic Tuning (due to LG technology to improve the audio content). It is possible to easily collect a sound bar esterna grazie all’uscita Bluetooth or all’HDMI with eARC.

by the way i said bearing: ci sono ben 3 HDMI 2.0, 2 USB ports, a digital optical uscita, a handheld uscita. Eat connection We use WiFi and Bluetooth, but also a physical LAN connection to connect TV and home router and view content in streaming in fluid mode.

by the way i said streamingNote: There is a problem with the app, because the LG WebOS operating system is working on the compatibility of most of all (Netflix, NOW TV, Prime video, YouTube, RaiPlay, DAZN, Disney +, Rakuten TV, Apple). always thank you Web OS It is possible to use the voice commands of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

LG OLED48A16LA: the Amazon offer

Eccoci to the dunke: how much does it cost the LG OLED48A16LA Smart TV? The list price is really for little, but it reaches 1,499 euros, but the current price on Amazon is the one we dobbiamo keep: €734 (-€765, -51%). Absolutely I will not lose.

LG OLED48A16LA Smart TV 4K – Diagonale 48 pollici

LG OLED48A16LA Smart TV 4K – Diagonal 48 pollici

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Smart TV LG OLED: oggi costa meno della metà

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