Samsung, the smart TV QLED gives 55 pollici cost the goal: offer and price

Che gli smart TV Samsung siano tra i migliori in commercio non è affatto un segreto. The combination cutting-edge visual technology e funzionalità smart Avanzate gives to the possessori degli apparecchi of the South Korean producer a visual experience (and not only) of absolute excellence.

In the case, ad esempio, dello smart TV QLED QE55Q80AATXZTone of the best LED TVs in commerce and tra offer you top di oggi su Amazon. Characterized by a “minimal” design and at the same time elegant, this TV guarantees a superior image quality, as a result of the “copying work” of the QLED panel and a processor apparently designed and realized by South Korean technology. A piccolo gioiello of technology oggi più convenient che mai.

Samsung TV QLED QE55Q80AATXZT, features and functionality

The point of forza dello smart TV Samsung in offerta su Amazon è senza ombra di dubbio il QLED panel gives 55 pollici. Direct Full Array technology, in combination with the Samsung Quantum Processor 4K processor, guarantees deep and bright white, contrast and color vivid and real as usual. The South Korean producer’s TV viewing experience will be excellent regardless of the program that is saved: the processor will automatically adjust the brightness setting, contrast, and saturation to the content that is saved.

An optimization that is not limited to the only TV program. The Samsung TV QLED QE55Q80AATXZT also offers a Modalità thought per i gamer, che potranno così ottenere il massimo dalla loro experienza videoludica. The 21:9 viewing mode allows you to have a very wide view and always have under control what is happening in our neighborhood. The 120 Hz upgrade frequency and technology FreeSync Premium ProInvece, consentono di avere immagini fluide e senza scatti.

Not mancano, obviously, funzionalità smart da prima della classe. The technology SmartThings I consent to transform the TV into a hub for the home automation and control it with smart devices directly compatible with the remote control. Compatibility with Alexa and the other main voice assistants, instead, consent to control the TV and its functionality with simple voice commands.

Also, the Samsung smart TV on offer on Amazon is equipped with a DBV-T2 tuner, which allows you to receive the signal of the new digital terrestrial signal if you need to purchase an external decoder. A funzionalità utile per chi si trova ad abitare in Campania, Lazio, Liguria, Toscana and Umbria, the last five interesting Italian regions (dallo scorso 1 maggio) dallo switch off verse the new transmission technology.

Samsung smart TV QLED gives 55 pollici in offer on Amazon: discount and price

I will buy the smart TV Samsung QLED QE55Q80AATXZT but it is not the most convenient thing to do. L’apparecchio is available with one discount of 56% on the list, with the price that rises to 655.99 euro. The increase in the price of the list is considered: at the time of launch (in 2021), the smart TV gives 55 pollici from the South Korean producer cost 1,499 euros, almost 850 euros in più rispetto a oggi. Insomma, un’offerta incredibile da non lasciarsi absolutely sfuggire.

Samsung TV QLED QE55Q80AATXZT, smart TV 55 pollici with Quantum Dot technology and Alexa integrated

Samsung TV QLED QE55Q80AATXZT, smart TV 55 pollici with Quantum Dot technology and Alexa integrated

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Samsung, the smart TV QLED gives 55 pollici cost the goal: offer and price

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