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Kailia Posey è stata la ‘grinning girl’, la ‘ragazza sorridente’ diventata popolare non solo per esser stata concurrent del popolare reality show american Toddlers & Tiaras a soli 5 anni, ma ache per esser stata protagonist di uno dei meme tuttora più usati al mondo, own treatment of the program in which he has participated, this:

Kailia is dead all alone and she was 16 years old. she writes it BNONews Citing the family that has responded, he notes the sad news with the specifics of the case. Kailia is living in a park in the state of Washington, precisely at Birch Bay State Park, a short distance from the border with Canada. Il fatto è avvenuto martedì e sulla causa non ci sono ulteriori approfondimenti, l’unica certezza è che l’adolescente è morta per suicide.

The information site TMZ riporta le dichiarazioni ufficiali della famiglia che says:

Sebbene Fosse, a savvy teenager with a bright future, I know, fortunately in an impetuous moment, has imprisoned the advanced decision of porre fine alla sua vita.

This is why Kailia nurtures a strong passion for aviation and aveva in program to continue working in the industry dell’intrattenimento pur not abandoning another objective quickly dai riflettori dello show-biz: check the license per poter essere pilota commerciale.

Marcy Posey Gatterman Kailia’s mother è sotto choc. Sul suo profilo Facebook of him writes:

Non ho parole o pensieri. My beautiful baby is not gone. Vi preghiamo di rispettare la nostra privacy mentre piangiamo la perdita di Kailia. My baby forever.

It was your own law to reveal the capacity of your figure in a point of Toddlers & Tiarasa program in which they follow the vice of the diverse family that met in competition with their own participation in the contest of beauty (and their own because of this bersagliato di polemiche):

When Kailia aveva tre anni has started to fare concorsi ed è un animale di scena when her box comes out. She always says that she is nervous, once again she arrives in her box, she is a professionist. I don’t know anyone who is in competition for Kailia.

In his name, the family has established a fund with the objective of helping students in crisis.

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Morta Kailia Posey: this is the viral ‘grinning girl’ of the popular gif – TvBlog

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