Mondiali Qatar 2022: Croazia-Belgio is worth so much. The Germania chiede aiuto alla Spagna

Ai Mondiali di Calcio from Qatar si giocano oggi le gare della terza e ultima giornata della phase a gironi dei grouppi E and F. If it starts at 4:00 p.m. when the group F ascends in the field Croatia-Belgio and Canada-Morocco. The situation of classify see Croatia and Morocco at quota 4 points, Belgium at 3 and Canada già eliminato and still a secco di punti. Alle 20 touches the group E that proposes Costarica-Germany and Giappone-Spain. In qualifying, Spain is in command with 4 points, Giappone and Costarica follow 3 and Germany is last with one point.

Frappart: “Dovrò controllare emozioni per arbitrare bene”

The French referee Stephanie Frappartche stasera aventerà la prima donna to direct a party of the Mondiali, Costa Rica-GermaniaHe has assured that he will prove “a great emotion”, but that he will “channel it” to arbitrate well. “When the scoperto, the emotion is enormous, I don’t look at it, I am very proud to present France to the World”, the referee said in a diffused communication from Fifa. Frappart, who is the prima donna in many other competitions, raggiungerà il tetto della career with this designation, but she has said that her main objective is “to arbitrate a good game”.

Stephanie Frappart (afp)

Ct Danimarca: “Addio dopo eliminazione? No ho ancora preso una decisione”

Il ct della Danimarca Kasper Hjulmand He has not yet decided to go to the guide of the Danish national team after the surprising elimination of the Gironi phase. “Now it is not the moment of conclusion. I am not yet in prison of a decision,” Hjulmand has said. Ieri il rettore sportivo della federazione calcistica danisha (DBU) Peter Möller has expressed his trust in Hjulmand and has stated that the body foresees prolonging his contract by Euro 2024. dare to help the squad and move forward”, Möller said in a conference stamped by the decisive score for 1-0 against Australia.

Svizzera, Sommer and Elvedi jumped out because of freddo

Because of the ‘freddo’, due to the excessive use of the air conditioners in Qatar, the portiere della svizzera Yann Sommer and the defender Nico Elvedi They have not imprisoned part of the session of the detention in view of the last part of the phase of Gironi in the venerable program against Serbia, reporting symptoms of the raffreddamento. Sommer avrebbe dovuto partecipare alla conferenza stampa insieme all’allenatore Murat Yakin, but will replace defender Manuel Akanji. La Svizzera is second in Gruppo G with three points and an anchor in a lot for a post agli ottavi. Sia Sommer che Elvedi avevano giocato tutti i minuti nelle due partite precedenti contro Cameroon e Brasile.

England, White lascia ritiro per ragioni personali

The English defender Ben White He has lost the ritiro della nationale and is turned in England for “strictly private” ragions. The English Federation, in notifying the early departure of the terzino dell’Arsenal, has wanted to respect the privacy of the player, who is not expected to return to Qatar at the end of the world. White, protagonist of a great staging with the Gunners, has not entered the field in this Coppa del Mondo, and has jumped all of the last seven months. The Fa aveva giustificato the sua assenza of him with a misfortune. Following the announcement, his club, Arsenal, has decided to send a message to the English defender via twitter: “Ben, siamo tutti con te”. L’Inghilterra, che ha vino il proprio girone, will ascend in campo negli ottavi di finale Sunday will be controlled by Senegal.

Messico, si dimette il ct Martino

Gerardo Martino has resigned the technical commissioner of the Messico. After the elimination of his national world championship, not even the victory sull’Arabia Saudi, the allenatore has announced the addition to the panchina. “I am the main person responsible for the pain that we share with each other,” said the ‘Tata’ in the post-war conference. “I assume the responsibility of the failure. My contract is scaduto when the referee has issued the final file, non c’è più niente da fare”, he added.

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Mondiali Qatar 2022: Croazia-Belgio is worth so much. The Germania chiede aiuto alla Spagna

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