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Hai appena aquistato il tuo nuovo fantastica Smart TV 4K HDR Dolby Atmos 120Hz HDMI 2.1 non plus ultra superaccessoriata. I accessed it, installed your favorite streaming service, the avvii and… surprise: the TV ci mette a minute ad aprire a simple app.

How possible that in 2023 a new TV from Zecca is più lento di una calcolatrice?

But your Smart TV is slow

vecchia vecchissima tv

The answer is very simple: for the Smart TV producers è giorno dopo giorno meno redditizio I will sell a TV because of its always increasing accessibility to productive technology, but I will not talk about it concorrenza spietata di brand più economici eat Xiaomi, Hisense, TCL and the like.

C’è quindi bisogno di trovare delle solutions for riddles and costsma gli utenti non sono certainly disposti a I will renounce the visual quality! Who will risparmiare? With other internal components the processor.

Your Smart TV is a small computer

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Eh già ormai anche One Smart TV is all the effects a computer or, più precisely, a smartphone with a gigantic schermo! I process that if I find all the internals of the Smart TV, I will not be able to broadcast the other ones Vecchi processors for smartphones With some leggere modifiche all’architettura to reduce and limit the energy consumption (altronde a Smart TV unlike a smartphone does not have a certain battery to preserve, since it is always attaccato alla current!) and to increase the visual quality of the signal it arrives on the display. Ma sounded pure always piccoli processor with little power of calcolo Che, se acquistati in stock da migliaia e migliaia di pezzi dal produttore di shifto, possono essere ottenuti per pochi dollari (se non centesimi!).

And who will solve the problem of dei che laggano menudelle app che ci mettono minuti ad avviarsi e dei casual riavvii di sitema perché the memory of the television è saturates?

C’è una notizia buona e una notizia cattiva: quella buona è che it’s very simplethat cattiva is what dovrai will acquire another device.

Chromecast, Stick, Box TV

The devices that can solve your problem are substantially three: one Chromecasta Stick and a Box TV. Nonostante i tre dispositivi abbiano caratteristiche comuni, differiscono per alcune feature chiave. Let’s go to scoprile:

  • A Chromecast It is a device that allows your smartphone di ventare il “cervello” del tuo TV, I can’t install app directly your this device ma dovrai use it as a bridge to trasmettere film, video, music and photos from your smartphone to your TV. The most famous producer of Chromecast is surely Google But I am always the only products that have integrated this connection system.
  • One Stick è a device with HDMI connection that can be connected directly to the retro of the TV and that mounts a operating system (very thick Android TV with proprietary interface) with support all app più diffuse. Siccome è un soluzione economica e compatta, potrebbe però soffrire dello stesso problem di lentezza But I can mount a slow or fast processor (or even sew it!) and it’s convenient puntare su marchi più conosciuti come Amazon.
  • A Box TV is a “scatoletta” with Multiple HDMI and USB ports and can also be connected to ethernet, which is widely used android tv but also proprietary interface. Some of this Box TV have no invece sistemi operative “chiusi” sui quali non si possono installare app e espesso non ricevono neanche aggiornamenti dal produttore, per cui It is important to pay attention and acquire only the brand we know or c’è il rischio that also a Box TV can quickly become obsolete
  • BONUSES: Eistone also i Decoder Smart: there are devices that contain the internal parrot as well as a decoder for it terrestrial digital and there is no solution for rendering if Smart that is compatible with the new DVB-T2 a vecchio TV.

The cheap solution: Chromecast

1674317377 840 If your Smart TV is slow with a solution

the device fast and economical To transfer content from your Smartphone to your TV. Negative note: è limitato alla risoluzione FullHD 1920x1080px.


  • economic
  • Easy to use (one smartphone is enough!)
  • Integrated into the Google Home ecosystem


  • Supports only 1080p
  • There is no remote control
  • Not if I can install app

Chrome cast | Get your Amazon

For Alexa Lovers: Amazon Fire Stick TV

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Amazon’s response to the Chromecast is an excellent compromise for those who have access to other devices alexa: fast, updated, economical and with a excellent remote control.


  • Tantissim app
  • Very comfortable remote control
  • Integrated into the Amazon Alexa ecosystem


  • Not if it integrates into the Google Home ecosystem
  • Only 8GB of internal memory to install the app
  • There is no USB port for external memory

Amazon Fire Stick TV | Get your Amazon

4K All Portata di Tutti: New Chromecast with Google TV

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The new version gave Chromecast with Google TV It includes the operating system of Google and will transform your Smart TV into a perfect streaming machine, with compatibility with all the Android app diffuseupdated costanti and support to 4K with HDR and Dolby Audio for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus content.


  • Support all the Android app
  • Very curatis and always up-to-date graphical interface
  • Support all video formats fine to 4K


  • I charge a little high for the specific technique
  • Only 8GB of internal memory to install the app
  • There is no USB port for external memory

Chromecast with Google TV 4K | Get your Amazon

The Box TV Region: Nvidia Shield TV Pro

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The non plus ultra of the Box TV is the Shield TV Pro (2019) from Nvidia. Oltre ad avere an operating system Android TV constantly updated and with support to all the world’s app. hail most powerful processor of the category (steesso che move nintendoswitch!) and supports 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Vision. Other than this technical characteristic is the only one that will integrate a system of upscaling dell’immagine with AI che può trasformare flussi video in bassa resolution in 4K with an unparalleled quality. A negative side? The cost.


  • Always updated Android TV operating system with support for millions of apps
  • Remote control backlit and with voice search
  • Upscaling with Artificial Intelligence


  • high cost
  • A bit unimpressive
  • Nvidia is not always chiara sugli aggiornamenti

Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) | Get your Amazon

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If your Smart TV is slow with a solution | Ecco come velocizzarla – Player.it

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