Guida Tv Venerdì September 16, 2022 program of stasera film in tv

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Guida Tv Venerdì 16 September 2022 film, show and tv series

Thing c’è stasera in tv? The Guida Tv Venerdì 16 September 2022 part with i first 9 channel of the telecommand, while in the second part find the programmazione degli altri canali sia free che pay divisi per aree tematiche. In particular, it will be his Rai 1 Le Indagini di Lolita Lobosco, his Rai 2 il primo de un serie de documentary su casi di cronaca, his Rai 3 le tribune elettorali, Quarto Grado his Rete 4, Propaganda Live su La7.

Rai 1
18:45 Reaction to Catena
20:00 Tg 1
20:30 Soliti Ignoti
21:25 The Indagini of Lolita Lobosco 1×02
23:25 Rg1 + Tv7

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Rai 2
17:30 Davis Cup Italy – Argentina
19:40 bluebloods
20:30 Rg2
9:00 pm Tg2 Post
21:20 Porto azzurro a carcere sotto sequestro
23:10 Re Start

Rai 3
19:30 TG R
20:00 Blob
20:15 Via dei Matti
20:40 Il Cavallo and the tower
20:50 A post to the sun
21:20 Rai Parliament Conference stampa
23:00 Ossi di seppia
23:45 Notte Line

Channel 5
18:50 Expired Released
20:00 Rg5
20:35 Paperissima Sprint
21:40 Also it’s amore non si vede
Exciting commedia degli equivoci diretta ed interpreted by Ficarra e Picone, in a crescendo of gag and sentimental incroci
23:50 X Styles

Italy 1
19:30 NCIS 2×13
20:25 NCIS New Orleans 3×01
21:20 Attacco al Potere 3
Third chapter of the saga with Gerald Butler. Bodyguard Mike Banning is accused of being the colleague of the attack on the President.
23:45 Blood Diamond – Film

Challenge 4
20:00 storm of love
20:30 Stasera Italy
21:30 Fourth Grade
1:00 All Rise 1×01

18:50 lingo
20:00 TgLa7
20:30 Otto e Mezzo
21:15 Propaganda Live

tv8 (Sky 125)
19:15 Celebrity Chef 1a tv
20:20 100% Italy
21:30 A bocce ferme – I delitti del BarLume
23:30 Pechino Express

ninth (Sky 149)
19:30 Cash or Trash
20:30 Don’t Forget the Lyrics 1a tv
21:25 Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo Tel chi el Telun

Serie Tv stasera in Tv – Guida Tv Venerdì 16 September 2022

Tra le series tv stasera in tv debuts its Sky Investigation L’ispettore Daeglish. His Sky Series continues Sex and the Cityits Atlantic Project Lazarus his Giallo if he inquires with Alice Nevers, while your Rai Premium returns Morgane Detective Geniale and its Rai 4 NCIS Hawaii.

Le Serie Tv in Chiaro

  • Rai 4 (ch. 21 dtt – 10 TivùSat) pray 21:20 NCIS Hawaii 1×03-04
  • Rai Premium (ch. 25 dtt 15 TivùSat) pray 21:20 Morgane Detective geniale 1×01-02
  • Giallo (ch. 38 dtt and Tivùsat 167 Sky) ore 21:20 Bake off Italia 10
  • TopCrime (ch. 39 dtt e TivùSat 168 Sky) ore 21:10 Chicago Fire 8×04 Chicago Med 5×04 Chicago PD 7×04

The Tv Series sui Canali Sky/Premium

  • SkyAtlantic (ch. 110 sat e 455 dtt pay) pray 21:15 The Undoing 1×03-04
  • sky series (ch. 112) pray 21:15 Sex and the City 3×15-16-17-18
  • Sky Investigation (ch. 114) pray 21:15 L’ispettore Dalgliesh 1×01-02 1a tv

It is close to the tv series in streaming that can be found and cataloged by piattaforma:

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I Film stasera in Tv Guida Tv Venerdì 16 September 2022

Tra i film stasera in tv Friday September 16 Sui canali del digitaleterrestrial e Sky troviamo Warcraft – L’inizio, a modern classic like The Illusionist and poi Un Poliziotto alle elementalari e altro anchor che trovate nella lista.

I Film in chiaro

twenty (ch. 20 dtt e TivùSat 151 Sky) pray 21:15 Warcraft – L’inizio
Primo capitolo di un’avventura fantasy inspired by the same videogame. A king, a warrior and a devout magician will face a perilous army of invading orchi.

Iris (ch. 22 dtt, 11 Tivùsat 325 Sky) pray 21:10 Balloon – the freedom wind
Give a true story. Estate 1979: due to the close tedesche family of fuggire dalla Germania dell’Est aboard an artificial mongolian.

Rai Movie (ch. 24 dtt 14 TivùSat) pray 21:10 The Illusionist
The mysterious illusionist Eisenheim met on stage in his performances in the Viennese theater. Incuriosito, il Principe Leopold incarica l’ispettore Uhl di svelarne i trucchi. During one spettacolo her beautiful Sophie comes out of the box causing the gelosia of her fidanzato, her prince.

Darling (ch. 26 dtt 19 Tivùsat 156 Sky) pray 21:10 The fine dell’innocenza
La giovane Annie, orphaned rhyme since childhood, lascia il collegio in which she has always vissuto insieme her lover Michael, an ambiguous individual who would pass by his father. Once back in Hong Kong, he was arrested during a party with the accusation of being a valuable trafficker. Rimasta alone, Annie finishes under the protection of Angelo and Linda, a benestante and spregiudicata coppia that initiates her to the world of sesso and dello scambismo. Dopo a series di torbide avventure, her Annie found shelter in a Buddhist convent where she would rejoice in being the force to liberate her from her love.

TwentySeven (ch. 27 dtt and Tivùsat 158 ​​Sky) pray 21:05 A poliziotto alle elementary
A poliziotto in incognito if he feigns insegnante delle elementari per capturare un pericoloso criminale.

la5 (ch.30 dtt 12 Tivùsat 159 Sky) pray 21:20 The Rebound – Ricomincio dall’amore
Commedia sentimentale with Catherine Zeta Jones. At 40 years old, the newly divorced Sandy decides to transfer with her daughter to New York, when she meets the future Aram.

Cinema 34 (ch. 34 dtt and Tivùsat 327 Sky) pray 21:10 Cornetti alla crema
A sarto, L. Banfi, if infatuated with an aspiring lyrical singer, E. Fenech. Essendo esposato, she fingerà di essere il vicino di casa, in un gioco di scambi di identità.

Italy 2 (ch. 49 dtt 16 TivùSat 175 Sky) pray 21:20 The Conjuring – The Enfield Case
Horror inspired by a true story. I married Warren sono di new impegnati nella lotta contro il male, questa volta annidato in a casa di Londra.

I Film Sky

cinema one (ch. 301) pray 21:15 Sulle nuvole 1a tv
L’esordio alla regia by singer-songwriter Tommaso Paradiso is a story of love and music with Marco Cocci and Barbara Ronchi. In preda to a deep crisis, the singer Nic Vega returns to his ex (ITA 2022)

Cinema Due (ch. 302) pray 21:15 Il segreto dei suoi occhi
Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts in the remake of the Oscar-winning Argentinian thriller. A former FBI agent found out for 13 years the criminal who stupro’ and killed the figure of a colleague (USA 2015)

Cinema Collection (ch. 303) pray 21:15 Terminator Salvation
Christian Bale and Sam Worthington in the fourth chapter of the fantasy saga. After a nuclear catastrophe, John Connor leads a superstiti group against Skynet (GER/GBR/USA 2009)

Cinema Family (ch. 304) pray 21:00 The volpe and the baby
The recorder of ‘La marcia dei pinguini’, Luc Jacquet, trusted his friendship with the narrator voice of Ambra Angiolini. A girl finds a turn and if she wins in a great adventure (FRA 2007)

Cinema Action (ch. 305) pray 21:00 Tueurs Al di sopra della legge
Thriller with Olivier Gourmet and Lubna Azabal. A rapinator met according to an impeccable colpo, but he is accused of a political crime and I must prove his innocence (FRA 2017)

cinema suspense (ch. 306) pray 21:00 Alex Cross the memory of the killer
Thriller by Rob Cohen with Tyler Perry, Edward Burns and Jean Reno, from the romance by James Patterson. Il detective Alex Cross discovers the serial killer who has assassinated his moglie (USA 2012)

CinemaRomance (ch. 307) pray 21:00 all my life
Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. in a story where love goes beyond the limit. La vita di una coppia è lacerata dall’insorgere di una malattia terminale. They decided not to lease (USA 2020)

Movie Drama (ch. 308) pray 21:00 Vice L’uomo nell’ombra
and Michael Foster. Armato solo di una fionda, il giovane pastore Davide sfida Golia, il temibile gigante dei Filistei (USA 2016)

Cinema Comedy (ch. 309) pray 21:00 Beverly Hills Cop A piedipiatti to Beverly Hills
The irresistible action-comedy that has consecrated the talent of Eddie Murphy. A poliziotto dai methodo anticonformisti si trasferisce in California to investigate the murder of a colleague (USA 1984)

Per tutti gli altri Film, Documentari dei canali Sky qui la Guida Tv

Guida Tv Venerdì September 16, 2022 – Show, Sport and Documentary

  • Rai 5 (ch. 23 dtt 13 TivùSat) ore 21:15 Le vie dell’Amicizia
  • real-time (ch. 31 dtt e TivùSat 160 Sky) ore 21:25 Bake off Italia 10
  • focus (ch 35 dtt 60 Tivùsat 414 Sky) ore 21:15 Stuck in the Suez 1a tv
  • DMAX (ch. 52 dtt, 28 TivùSat 170 Sky) pray 21:25 Avamposti 1a tv
  • Mediaset Extra (ch. 55 dtt 17 Tivùsat 163 Sky) 21:15 Scherzi apart
  • sky one (ch. 108 Sat e 455 dtt pay) ore 21:15 4 Hotel
  • sky art (ch. 120/400) ore 21:15 Natalie Wood – An intimate ritratto
  • Sky Documentaries (ch 122/402) pray 21:15 My chiamo Francesco Totti
  • Sky Nature (ch 124/404) pray 21:15 Panorami nascosti
  • Hola (ch. 127) pray 21:00 Spedizioni impossibili 1a tv + Affari al buio
  • ComedyCentral (ch. 129) pray 21:00 Zelig C-Lab
  • mtv (ch. 131) pray 21:10 Jersey Shore Family Vacation 5×11-12
  • Gambero Rosso (ch 132) pray 21:00 Giorgione home tua Monte Faito + 22:05 Mangio Tutto tranne
  • Sky Sport Calcium pray 20:45 Salernitana – Lecce

Film, TV Series, Documentaries always available in streaming on Netflix, amazon, TIMVISION, nowtv/SkyOnDemand, infinity

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Guida Tv Venerdì September 16, 2022 program of stasera film in tv

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