Gerry Scotti, the improvised tragedy: “Tutti ti amavano” | È successo in questo ore

Gerry Scotti is one of the most popular Italian television conductors. He has had experience alle spalle and continues to work in the spectacle world, last time he gave the sad announcement of his social life.

gerry scottipseudonym di virginio scottiis one of the best-loved Italian televisivi conductors, and originates from Terme viewpoint. oggi has 66 years ma la sua carriere continua, richestissimo dal público e amato da chiunque continua i suoi programmi televisivi. He literally risks entering the heart and nei salotti degli spettatori che guardano atraverso gli schermi.

Gerry Scotti – Passione Tecnologica

Gerry started his career – which would be brilliant – as a driver in the first half of the year ’80, driving the best drivers of the period, friend and colleague of Panariello, Conti and other drivers of this generation. Oggi l’uomo has surpassed him 8,300 puntante tra talent show, quiz show and così via.

Scotti fin when he was a giovane he showed interest in politics: apparttenendo al Italian Socialist Party. In particular, all political elections 1987 he was a candidate at the collegio di Milano there Chamber of deputies nelle file del Italian Socialist Partynow he has continued to follow the political questions that do not interfere with his career in the world of spettacolo.

Gerry Scotti is known as a great man with his own skin, but he does affect him very easily with his colleagues and friends, he loves to spend time with parrots and dare consigli. Purtroppo last time, the driver has given a very sad news ai suoi fan.

I added Gerry to Jack

Gerry Scotti has posted on his Instagram a photo in the company of someone who is very rich with us. if i tried to say Giacomo Zoppiit scaldapubblico gave mediaset. Gerry and Giacomo, also called “Jack“, we have collaborated side by side for so long and in a lot transmissionsdai tempi di da “Chi vuole essere millionaire” a “expire free”.

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Instagram post by Gerry Scotti – Passione Tecnologia

“Bye Jack, 20 years of work always, always smiling, always with your pezzo. Tutti ti amavamo, ci mancherai.” Gerry has written remembering and saying hello to him and my friend, with a photo where I am happy and happy. Al saluto di Gerry si sono uniti multi personaggi noti di Mediaset. Tutti che con Giacomo Zoppi hanno lavorato en diversi programmi della casa, tra questi leggiamo i commenti del registrar Giancarlo Giovalli : “l’anima del nostro publico, l’allegria dei nostri studi. He was a friend and a good person. He will mancherà tantissimo.”

Also Barbara D’Urso He commented on Gerry’s post:“I don’t risk expressing well what I tried when I got the news… I don’t believe… The other day, as always, my hai incrociata in the corridoio and with your squealing and smiling voice my hai detto: “Ciao Barbara!” … “Ciao Jack!”… E ti ho lanciato un bacio. Anni, anni e anni vissuti insieme. (…) I so che tu mi volevi davvero bene e io ti volevo davvero bene. Ciao Jack, only Jack.

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Gerry Scotti, the improvised tragedy: “Tutti ti amavano” | È successo in questo ore

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