Extraordinary: The official trailer for the new British original series from Disney+

Dai executive producers of Killing Eve, the new comedy will debut in streaming 25 Gennaio.

Imagine a world in cui tutti possiedono un superpotere. Tutti tranne voi, che da anni state ancora aspettando di capire quale sia il vostro. And we do not use the super powerful parola in a metaphorical way seen that in extraordinarya new britannica original series gave Disney+ next arrival 25 generation, the protagonist Jen è davvero circondata da persone che hanno un’abilità soprannaturale mentre lei è l’unica a non averla. Guardate qui sotto lo spassoso official trailer della comedy diffuso da Disney+.

The plot of Extraordinary

extraordinary It’s set in a world in which every one of them is a potere to the diciottesimo parrot compleanno… tutti tranne Jen, che esta per compiere 25 anni e sta ancora aspettando di ottenere il suo. She is not at all curious to know what potrebbe essere: supervelocità? Occhi laser? The capacity of connecting a USB in the right way ogni volta? She will accept it. Come un bruco circondato da farfalle, Jen si sente incapable de gacar avanti, bloccata en un lavoro senza prospettive en un negozio di articoli per le feste y che occasionally frequenta Luke, un ragazzo singulare con l’irritante capacità di volare. Fortunately, Jen was able to tell the Carrie that prevented her from growing in her self-indulgence. Inseparable from the times of the school, the parrot rapport oscillates between the sisters, parents and one of the others.

I also share an apartment in East London with Kash, the historic trustee of Carrie. Carrie has the power of mettersi in contact with the dead, but she feels that this is the mess in the shadow of her own, this talent of hers: does anyone interest what she has said? Kash is very serious about him or he has power over it – the ability to turn indietro in time – but he doesn’t disdain to use it immediately to imbarazzi piccoli or at times when he says exactly the right thing to Carrie, at a slower time. The fourth member of the appartamento is a randy cat, named Jizzlord from the group, who hides a surprising secret: how many times i cats have no più potere di Jen. There it drifts in a big and confusing world and only gives a little hope and a lot of dispersion, Jen starts her journey to find her hypothetical superpower. Ma nel farlo, potrebbe scoprire la gioia di essere simply ok. The series, prodotta dai produttori esecutivi dell’acclamata killing eve, It is described as “a fresh and innovative comedy sull’essere giovani e sul trovare la propia strada in un mundo confuso, cuando tutto ciò che si può essere è ‘ordinari'”.

the cast

The cast comprises Giovani talenti britannici emergenti, tra cui Mairead Tyers (Jen), Sofia Oxenham (Carrie), bilal hasna (Kash) and Luke Rollason (Jizzlord). Altri membri del cast sono siobhan mcsweeney (la mamma di Jen, Mary), Robbie Gee (Il patrigno di Jen, Ian), Safia Oakley-Green (Jen’s sister, Andy) and Ned Porteous (Luke). The series, however, is written by the talented sceneggiatrice esordiente Emma Moran ed è directa da directa da Toby McDonald (rag doll), Jennifer Sheridan (Rules of the Game) and Nadira Amrani (on the edge).

extraordinary It is the latest British original series Disney+ in time order to be launched from Piattaforma, after the romantic comedy of action wedding season and the docuseries David Beckham: Squadre da Salvareavailable in streaming.

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Extraordinary: The official trailer for the new British original series from Disney+

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