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Enzo Salvi is devastated by the pain of the unforeseen tragedy. The actor has published a post on his Instagram to announce the sad news. Il comedian is facing davvero a brutto period.

“Non so se ce la farò”, has written the actor sui social worrying and his fan.

Enzo Salvi, unexpectedly the tragedy | Instagram photo

A decidedly painful moment for actor Enzo Salvi, who has returned to share the sad news with all his fans by publishing a post on his Instagram. The popular comedian actor has made an important loss in the family. The message with the photo posted has made the turn of the web and the follower has written messages of cordoglio and feelings against one of the most powerful news of Italian comic cinema.

Mourning for Enzo Salvi

It is a painful mourning that I gave Enzo Salvi, the Roman actor known to the great public soprattutto per i film di Natale with Christian De Sica and Massimo Boldi. A fortissimo pain for him His legacy is intense with his parents, a bad point in his life. A porgere le condoglianze all’artista sono stati tantissimi vip tra cui Sandra Milo. A message lungo e pieno d’affetto per this improvvisa and devastating news. I will continue to write to Salvi also the conductor Valerio Staffelli, the actor and friend Paolo Conticini and so many useful people who in this year have not been able to meet and love the comedian.

The dead is the father of Enzo Salvi

The father of Enzo Salvi is dead. Antonio Salvi aveva 86 years old was di Ostia where he has seen for all his life. In a recent interview, his son saw it definitively, adding to the nonno: “capositipite, pioniere della città lidense”. This is the message written by the actor for the father scomparso: “Ciao papà mio. Te ne sei andato all’improvviso, senza di te non so ce la faro” . I will follow all the comments and the condoglianze of famous and non-famous people.

enzo salvi lutto
“I don’t see the light”| Instagram photo

tra parrot Sandra Milo writes: “Enzo, non trovo parole adatte for expressing my dispiacere not saying that I sincerely sound like a neighbor in this painful moment of your life. Own oggi ti ho visto al tg ritirare un riconoscimento mentre parlavi di Peggy ed ero così felice per te e ora aprendere esta notizia lascia spiazzati. I know you and how much I feel deeply connected to your family and how great is the love that nourishes your parents”.

Il mondo dello spettacolo si è stretto attorno al dolore dell’attore comico romano, cher ricordiamo semper con il sorriso, ma che da oggi surely vedremo con viso più triste. Once the film’s birth was noticed, he has personified his own father in the aftermath of the festivities that have made him so sympathetically appreciated by the great Italian public. Dopo le diverse commedia, soprattutto con Massimo Boldi, il comico diventato famouso col soprannome di “er cipolla” negli ultimi annida fatto Coppia fissa in the saga of films for TV insieme Maurizio Battista. Din Don – Una parrocchia il cui ultimo capitolo Din Don Dino – Bianco Natale, andrà in onda in prima tv su Italia 1 domenica 18 decembre.

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Enzo Salvi, unexpectedly the tragedy | “Non se ce la faro” – pontilenews.it

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