Come watch in free streaming the Miami GP of Formula 1

I drink the tappa in Europe, the Formula 1 flies negli States e dà appuntamento in Florida, precisely to Miami. For Formula 1 it is the first time in the capital of Florida, for a great prize that will be given if it is announced infuocato. Il Cousin GP di MiamiI arrived at a particular moment of the season: after a brisk start, the Ferrari showed the first difficulty in the Casalingo di Imola Grand Prix, while the Red Bull seeded the quadra aver trovato, alleggerendo la machchina e systemando i problemi de affidabilità.

Il Miami GP It is a rebus per tutti: the track is completely new and the layout is very fast, with a maximum speed that is presumed to be over 320 km/h and an average speed of 230 km/h. The circuit has alcune rettilinei molto lunghi, alcune staccate dove sorpassare e alcune curve veloci che ricordano molto da vicino quelle di Jeddah. His letter sows a hint in favor of the Red Bell that has shown that it has a great engine and that it is the veteran with the best aerodynamics. The ferraribut has promise a new back wing to reduce the aerodynamic cost. It will surely be a very interesting garage.

Il GP di Miami di Formula one sarà a SkySport exclusive e tutto il weekend verrà trasmesso in exclusiva e in diretta sui suoi canali. C’è, però, the possibility of seeing it also in different ways and your TV8 for free, digital terrestrial channel. Echo come fare per vedere il GP di Miami 2022 di F1 in direct free streaming.

Miami Grand Prix of Formula 1: gli orari

Orari decisively serali per questo Cousin Grand Prix of Miami. Tutto il weekend di gara will be visible only in late serata in Italy, but in a schedule accessible to tutti. yes part Friday March 6 all pray 20:30 with the first session of prove free and yes finisce domenica 8 march alle pray 21:30 with the partanza della gara. Ecco il schedule of the GP di Miami with tutti gli orari.

  • Prove free 1: venerdi 6 maggio ore 20:30
  • prove free 2: Wednesday 6 May 22:30
  • Prove free 3: Saturday 7 Maggio Ore 19:00
  • qualified: Saturday 7 May 22:00
  • Gara: domenica 8 maggio ore 21:30

Come see on TV the Miami GP of F1

Essendo un’esclusiva SkySport, il Miami GP will be visible on SkySport One and SkySport F1 channels. Its dedicated channel will also be Paddock Live, the transmission of the appropriation that anticipates the variation of the session to provide free and qualified, and intervenes exclusively directly from the box. A valid alternative for chi non ha Sky, è nowtv, the service on demand of proprietà always of Sky. Your Amazon is also available Now SmartSticka multimedia chiavetta that if connected to the television and with all’interno due to subscription to NowTV’s sport package (buys Formula1).

Now Smart Stick with 2 months of sport subscription

Now Smart Stick with 2 months of sport subscription

The Miami GP will be visible also your TV8ma only in differs. Appuntamento alle ore 23:30 di sabato e domenica per el qualifiche e la gara.

Come save in free streaming the Miami GP 2022 of F1

Per chi non potrà essere in casa, c’è also la Possibility of watching the Miami GP 2022 of Formula 1 in streaming sulle varie piattaforme. Per gli abbonati a Sky c’è SkyGo, available your smartphone, tablet and computer. To follow the Miami GP, just launch the app, insert your own credentials and press the banner dedicated to the event on the home page. In the turn of the second, it will start directly. Very similar procedure also for gli abbonati to NowTV.

Chi, once, fly I will follow the Miami GP 2022 in free streamings dovrà aspettare the different from TV8. The terrestrial digital channel will be transmitted in streaming on its own website. Non c’è bisogno né di abbonarsi, né iscriversi. The vision is open to tutti.

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Come watch in free streaming the Miami GP of Formula 1

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