Catherine Spaak, the telephonata mancata little cousin I die

A Italian Story Orso Maria Guerriniospite di Eleonora Daniele nella puntata of April 20, has ricordato Catherine Spaak with cui aveva avuto a very intense relationship. The artist has confessed that avrebbe voluto chiamarla own little cousin di Pasqua, ma not ha fatto e non è riuscito così to say a last greeting.

Italian Storyl’amore tra Orso Maria Guerrini e Catherine Spaak

Catherine Spaak infatti If it is spent on its own on Easter Sunday, il 17 April, due to a stroke. Lei e Orso Maria Guerrini if ​​I did not find the premium volta sul set. La Spaak, beautiful, was già a star, ma lui was just a university student. Quella però non fu l’occasione in cui si innamorarono. For 20 years I have been strade diverse, because of new ritrovarsi, protagonist of a fotoromance made to Cinisello Balsamo.

Eleonora Daniele chiede Guerrini di raccontare The moment in which the love parrot was born, ma l’attore glissa: “Non me lo ricordo. So that I met in the countryside, in the area of ​​Spoleto, I did not miss her… I know of her divorce from her French husband, I came from a dramatic shipwreck of my marriage. Ci siamo ritrovati come due pensionati vedovi. Avevamo lo stesso sentimento di Dolore e di Dispiacere. Poi lei cominciò a parlare di lavoro, she aveva qualcosa da rivendicare […]. Lei was tedesca nella sua her attenzione de la lavoro e ella mi propose di fare qualcosa insieme”. Guerrini was happy to collaborate with the law and the thing is the cream thing.

The scintilla dell’amore? Catherine Spaak “I was a donna cui non si poteva resistere when I turned up I decided to farti innamorare”. Guerrini has parole magnifiche to describe it.

Catherine Spaak, the lame phone call

Poi l’attore racconta gave a strange coincidence. Infatti, he had decided to chiamarla the seventeenth day of Easter to chiederle il permesso di rimettere in scena lo spettacolo che avevamo fatto insieme, per chiederle se aveva i diritti de la. “We don’t feel better. The last volta che ci siamo feltiti was the first of 2020″. Guerrini tells Daniele that he has learned about the cerebral hemorrhage that he has swallowed the Spaak little cousin of the lockdown, but I will totally ignore the richness of the last time. “I thought that she had overcome the problem because I had seen it in any transmission”.

L’attrice aveva parlato also Italian Story from her sua malattia eat se fosse ormai a thing surpassedTherefore, below the presenter was often not aware of its real conditions of health. I understand this Orso Maria Guerrini who has recently decided to send that phone call, a decision that has always prevented me from riallacciare and rapport with the Spaak.

Chiè Orso Maria Guerrini

class 1942, Orso Maria Guerrini It is one of the main speakers of the Italian prose theater. I notice the great public from dagli anni Settanta, il suo résumé vanta de cine di film per il cinema e la televisione. From 2001 to 2017 there was a testimonial status of the Moretti beer in the palace of the famous Baffo.

Orso Maria Guerrini

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Catherine Spaak, the telephonata mancata little cousin I die

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