Anticipazioni Beautiful: amnesia per Steffy, che crede di essere…

Nelle nine point american gave Beautifulthe tragedy that has colpito Steffy Forrester Finneganstanding alle promise di Brad Bell, capo sceneggiatore della soap, porterà la ragazza ad unovo surprising amore. For the moment, but, the death of me Finn sow only the perfect file to start a new cycle of the triangle after Steffy, Liam and Hope.

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Ricordate that I saw avevamo mention a surprising svolta in the journey of the guarigione di Steffy? Ebbene, eat avevamo ipotizzato, la figlia di Ridge and taylor if risveglierà dal coma… with un’amnesia! And the loss of her memory will not only keep her around her because she has never seen it, but a più ampia fetta di ricordi: Steffy crederà di essere ancora sposata con Liam!

Beautiful, anticipation USA: Ridge and Taylor in contrast

The ragazza, when he starts to riprendersi ea parlare, will surprise you when it comes to Giovane Spencer eating her husband! Only i next episode will tell how serious her amnesia is: did she forget Finn, who, Steffy won’t pick up her figure, Kelly and Hayes? In what moment of the past will sarà sicken her mind?

The difficult situation and fragile balance in the extended family of Ridge Forrester, who married brooke ancora non si è ricompattato dopo la “questione Deacon Sharpe”. If Taylor Hayes is in peace attesa that her ex-husband faccia chiarezza in her heart and, magari, decide to take her to the fiancé himself, the stylist and the psychiatrist if they find out in contrast for how much they rule the word Sheila Carter.

Beautiful, news americane: Taylor vuole assecondare Sheila

Per Ridge is infatti inammissibile che hated Sheila avenge riconosciuto qualsiasi direct nei confronti del Nipotino in comune, while Taylor will always decide to give him a chance. Per Taylor, infatti, Sheila has given us a change of heart, saving her from a pericolo di morte sul tetto dell’ospedale: it doesn’t matter if Taylor is in that potentially fatal situation just to prevent alla Sheila from togliersi la vita…

Taylor, tuttavia, was motivated to believe with Brooke and Hope herself for Steffy’s cure: the emergency brought her together, but the memory loss of her ragazza brought diverse reactions to her family. You anticipations In merit, I am well, beyond the light of the new event, it is probable that Taylor will adopt a soft approach, as a second, and I will parziali di Steffy and, by flying, will avoid that subsequent shock could compromise (allorché return) her rip. Ma questo, ovviamente, behaverebbe che Liam recited the part of the husband with lei.

Beautiful, spoiler USA: Sheila ritenterà di uccidere Steffy?

Tale therapy, dunque, non troverà d’accordo Brooke e nemmeno Hope, che gli spoilers descrivono gently tries to introduce the realtà to Steffy. What part she la spunterà? Also, Liam and Steffy shared a special moment when the ragazzo returned to visit all’ex convalescent moglie. Il triangolo, dunque, esta per ripartire?

A porvi fin potrebbe essere Sheila Carter: Steffy’s amnesia will work in her favor, making her take a sigh of sollievo. Steffy, infatti, is the only testimony of her that could accuse her of Finn’s murder and of the successive attempted murder of Giovane Forrester’s own danni. End so much that Steffy non ricordera niente, insomma, Sheila sarà una donna libera.

La Carter, tuttavia, gives infermiera if she will tell that i ricordi potrebbero will return to Steffy’s mind at any time and this will present a constant risk that will not be willing to run. Dunque, Sheila will turn on the decision to dover finish the job, sbarazzandosi di Steffy per semper!

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Anticipazioni Beautiful: amnesia per Steffy, che crede di essere…

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