Ioish: the indiana prog rock band publishes the new video ‘What You Need It For’ –

Ioish the indiana prog rock band publishes the new video

The progressive rock/post-rock band IOSH Originally from New Delhi, India, she is happy to have published the new single “What You Need It For”! Save the official video on the YouTube channel of the band! With the new brano “What You Need It For”characterized by an immersive tappeto di synth, IOSH It immerses itself in … Read more

Graphene: sold on September 2 for the debut of the band from ex Severance –

Graphene sold on September 2 for the debut of the

hard-rock Rock Truemetal lives grazie al suo pubblico. When I bought qualcosa dai nostri link, potremmo guadagnare una commissione. Scopri di più SPINEA (VE) – Friday 2 September 2022 – Piazza Marconi at 21.30rock concert GRAPHENEOrganizer: Proloco Spinea FREE EVENT GRAPHENE … Read more

Jax Diaries: save the video of ‘I Gave My Life to Rock’n’Roll’ –

L’alternative rock band JAX DIARIES has published a new video tratto dal singolo unpublished “I Gave My Life To Rock’n’Roll”available now in tutti and digital store. A song that will describe a new era for the band, as seen by frontman Jaxon: “Appena dopo the release of our official video for ‘When I Turn I … Read more

Tribulation: won a Swedish Grammy for the Best Rock/Metal Album category; new signing with Century Media –

I TRIBULATIONone of the band più stimate of the svedese metal panorama degli ultimi anni, hanno esteso the loro collaborazione with the loro etichetta record company Century Media Records to livello globale. The quartetto is working on new materials and new registrations. Oltre a questo i TRIBULATION have recently vito gli svedesi Grammy Awards in … Read more

Silver Lynx: from the hard rock scene of Los Angeles, an album with an explosive and hyperactive sound –

From the Sunset Strip directly in the interior of Brazil, and Silver Lynx were a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band influenced by the Glam scene that had dominated Los Angeles in the early ’80s and had contaminated and influenced Pop culture all over the world, showing if they were a versione modernita di le band che … Read more