Buonamici-Kalman marriage to surprise: gli ospiti vip, l’abito e gli amici

Buonamici Kalman marriage to surprise gli ospiti vip labito e gli

Cesara Buonamici è il volto storico del Tg5: siamo accustomed to watching it on TV, admiring its professionalism, the series and the enormous competition. Both esposta quanto nascosta, the Buonamici are not solita parlare della sua vita privata de ella. She has recently made it, confirming that she has already married her Joshua Kalmann dopo … Read more

Bono Vox agrees to Zelensky’s invitation: surprise concert with The Edge in the kyiv metro

gave Laura Zangarini The frontman of the band of Dublin and the chitarrista have sang in the Khreshchatyk station, as they are invited to the presence of President Volodymyr Zelensky Surprise concert in the metropolitan city center of kyiv, in Ukraine, of the Irish rock star Bond e of the chitarrista The Edge. Il frontman … Read more

In arrival in Milan the “surprise” of the Museo delle Forze Armate 1914-1945 di Montecchio Maggiore

In arrival in Milan the surprise of the Museo delle

andrea cionci Storico dell’arte, giornalista e scrittore, si occupa di storia, archeologia e religione. Cultist of lyrical opera, creator of the “Mimerito” method experimented by Miur and promoter of the project of international resonance “Plinio”, is a reporter from Afghanistan and the Himalayas. He has published the romance “Eugénie” (Bibliotheka). Ricercatore del bello, del sano … Read more

Sgarbi pays a surprise visit to the Costenaro collection, fascinated by the private museum dedicated to Bonaldi and other artists

BASSANO – The visit to the Civic Museumwith the directive Barbara Guidi and the union Helen Pavanper aprire with the signature of the president of the Comitato Nazionale dell’Anno Canoviano he told the message at the disposal of the Volksbank in view of the big one as Bassano da ottobre. Vittorio Sgarby It has become … Read more

Nunzio Stancampiano returns home with friends and receives a surprise from the sindaco della sua città

Nunzio Stancampiano returns home with friends and receives a surprise

Friends of Maria de Filippi 2021/2022 Nunzio Stancampiano dopo l’eliminazione da Amici di Maria De Filippi and returned home, in her city, and received a surprise from the sindaco: the parole dell’ex allievo sul percorso ad Amici e su Alessandra Celentano. Actively notify you by ricevere gli aggiornamenti su Friends of Maria de Filippi 2021/2022 … Read more