La dottoressa Smile su Real Time: the potenza of the smile ritrovato

La dottoressa Smile su Real Time the potenza of the

From Tuesday November 22 arrives on TV the Italian cousin smile make over: interview with Annapaola Manfredonia, dentist and protagonist of the program Publication on: 18 November 2022 16:29:00 Source: Ufficio Stampa Real Time Cyrus He has only been 39 years old, but his mouth is rimangono non più di cinque toothi, lunghissimi e deformati. … Read more

tuesday 16 august, pray 21.30 L’energia e la potenza del rock degli U2 with the most famous tribute band in the world. From the box of the Versiliana arrivano gli “Achtung Babies” – Versiliana Festival

tuesday 16 august pray 2130 Lenergia e la potenza del

Marina di Pietrasanta (LU) _ A show of incredible power and passion, entirely dedicated to “U2” and all the parrots with famous songs that traveled in the public without giving the prime note. This is the concert of the 43rd edition of the La Versiliana Festival, conferred by the artistic advisor Massimo Martini, who has … Read more

Potenza Picena, taglio del nastro per R’N’R Bonsai: il borgo diventa rock – Picchio News – Il giornale tra la gente per la gente

Potenza Picena taglio del nastro per RNR Bonsai il borgo

Magliette arancioni, a box overlooking the Pincio and the atmosphere of the great events: it was officially a party Potenza Picena R’N’R Bonsai (Rock ‘n’ Roll Bonsai, ndr), the festival that ends next Tuesday, August 9 will bring to the heart of the old town of Montesanto so much music, but also art, cinema, fashion: … Read more