The Incredible Career of Jeff Koons: He Sue Operates Valgono Milioni All’Asta

The Incredible Career of Jeff Koons He Sue Operates Valgono

In quarantine years of career, Jeff Koons has made it far to talk about knowing that he has passed through his operation. Sculpture, painting or photography the difference is in the way in which the artist tells the story. Oggi le sue opere de valgono milioni all’asta. As I will illustrate in an ironic way … Read more

PHOTO | Contemporary art invades Arezzo: it operates in the piazze cittadine e Fortezza

Open now and in program until September 30, 2022, the Aurum show by Fabio Viale, organized by the Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo with the Comune di Arezzo, in collaboration with the cultural association Le Nuove Stanze. The artist returns with a provocative and suggestive espositive path that if snoda in diverse sedi, in spazi sia museali … Read more