From the book to the film, to Busto al via i laboratori dell’Istituto Antonioni in biblioteca – MALPENSA24

1674203700 880 From the book to the film to Busto al via

ARSIZIO BUST – Turn on the via oggi, venerdì 20 gennaio, the cousin of the curated laboratoriesMichelangelo Antonioni Film Institute for the project “Reading Bust. Leggere in città, legrere la città”prepared by the communal administration and associations Noi del Tosiin collaboration with schools, cultural associations of the territory, libraries, case editrici, jails, in the area … Read more

Life Like Low on the stage at TuMiTurbi: indie rock and trip hop from the province – MALPENSA24

Life Like Low on the stage at TuMiTurbi indie rock

VARESE – «Our disco d’esordio is a concept album that we analyze the disaster and malinconia that can have a life in the province, to trent’anni, during an economic crisis. And in period non proprio facile». How did you contact me? Fabrizio Peccerillosinger and guitarist dei Life Like Low, sebbene le canzoni siano state scritte … Read more

Estate di Solevoci a Varese: 28 choirs of jazz, pop, Gospel&Soul – MALPENSA24

Estate di Solevoci a Varese 28 choirs of jazz pop

VARESE – È ormai ufficiale, l’state of Varese sarà all’insegna della choral music and entertainment with him solevocii festival that has presented its program of concerts, formation and competition for the month of July and July. A Varese tradition Finally in presence and senza troppe restrizioni. Sarà proprio per quest’anno gli organizzatori have given the … Read more

Brand Activism Culturale, part of De Piante’s “detox” book revolution Busto – MALPENSA24

Brand Activism Culturale part of De Piantes detox book revolution

Cristina De Piante, right handed, with Manuela Maffioli ARSIZIAN BUST – Brevi racconti “trascritti” dai great classici della letteraturaan artist who creates or mettono at the disposal of the loro opere da mettere in copertina, and a brand, a company that supports the stamp and the free distribution of questi book «detox da cellulare», da … Read more