Mad Max watch the sphere of the tuono: everything that c’è da sapere sul film

The film with a post-apocalyptic setting is notably increased by years, parroting a progressive deterioration of a series of elements that symbolize civility and humanity. Ognina di esta opere nourishes, in modo più or less evident, a forte debito nei confronti di Mad Max – Interceptor, first film of one of the series that generates … Read more

“Purtroppo è vero, ci ha lasciati”: cinema in mourning – dead the star of the iconic “Mad Max”

Purtroppo e vero ci ha lasciati cinema in mourning

Impossibile, because he has seen negli anni ’70, I will diment the splendid film Mad Max and the iconic character Crawford Montizono “Nightrider”. The artist who has interpreted it is dead after a period of great physical fragility “It’s very fragile for a little while”, finchè il suo corpo It has a lot of funzionale. … Read more

Mad Max: Fury Road, an intriguing theory reveals the true identity of Tom Hardy’s character?

The Rose live in Italy for a cover of the

The post-apocalyptic imaginary in the world of cinema is not only in a long part, it is stated in a single way: George Miller. The visionary regista has set the standard of the genre in 1979 and 1985, but it can only evolve if it evolves. Nel 2015, però, dopo aver vinto a paio di … Read more