Litfiba, with “L’ultimo Girone” si chiude l’era del rock all’italiana. Il tour di addio con…

Litfiba with Lultimo Girone si chiude lera del rock allitaliana

by Giovanni Ballerini litfiba, “The Last Girone“sow the title of a mythological or dystopian film, ma è invece the tour d’addiothe last adventure I gave a band with 40 (+2) anni di rock there spalle. A forerunner of singing rock in Italian, which since 1980 has sold over 10 million records and thousands of concerts … Read more

Litfiba, the concerto a Roma del tour d’addio diventa una festa

If anyone believes that the rock is dead, or that they are not both good in health, they will see a concert of the tour that is litfiba stanno having in giro per l’Italia, “L’ultimo girone”. Basteranno pochi minuti per capire not solo che il rock gode ancora di good salute, ma per comprehend also … Read more