The Incredible Career of Jeff Koons: He Sue Operates Valgono Milioni All’Asta

The Incredible Career of Jeff Koons He Sue Operates Valgono

In quarantine years of career, Jeff Koons has made it far to talk about knowing that he has passed through his operation. Sculpture, painting or photography the difference is in the way in which the artist tells the story. Oggi le sue opere de valgono milioni all’asta. As I will illustrate in an ironic way … Read more

Jeff Koons tells in a Titian film, tra volumi e corpi celestiali

Saranno Campioni Fabiana Rinella la figlia darte che lotta da

gave Francesca Pine The lunga vita of the Veneziano pittore proiettata nelle comes out from 3 to 5 October. With a testimonial of the artist from Statunitense who analyzes the contested pala d’altare dell’ Assunta of 1516/18 This article is part of the Special Art published on September 30, 2019: twenty pages dedicated to people, … Read more

Ukrainian oligarch met all’asta la sua opera by Jeff Koons per curare soldati e civili feriti in Guerra: “Opera d’arte al servizio della vita” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Un’opera di Jeff Koons all’asta per sustaine le cure dei combattenti e civili ucraini feriti. I will announce my own decision by the Ukrainian oligarchy Victor Pinchuckfondatore di EastOne Group LLC, international investment company, and owner of four tv channels. Not un’opera qualunque, bensì celebrate it Balloon Monkey (Magenta) che il 28 giugno sarà battuta … Read more