Il Gossip: Mauro Corona foto da giovane, Romina Carrisi e la foto con lui, Meghan foto scabrosa –

Il Gossip Mauro Corona foto da giovane Romina Carrisi e

GossipTipiù, Mauro Corona ci shows his Social a beautiful photo of Giovane while Romina Carrisi ci apre il suo coore y si shows with a bel uomo sui Social. Meghan Markle fa di new scandalo. The mountaineer, writer and television personaggio mauro crown He publishes his Instagram one scatto that shows him when he was … Read more

Mattia, il giovane singer-songwriter who founded indie pop with the music of the great italian singer-songwriters

Mattia il giovane singer songwriter who founded indie pop with the

I used the new single by Mattia Pierucci “presentato ai tuoi” and the artistic research of the giovane singer-songwriter in a leap forward, exploring new musicality of the Indie genre. Giovanissimo, classe ’98, Mattia is not alla sua prima canzone, more safely, it determines a leap in quality in her artistic research, thanks also to … Read more

Alessandro Borghi, if I talk about drugs and furti: “Da giovane ho fatto l’unica scelta possibile”

Alessandro Borghi if I talk about drugs and furti Da

Alessandro Borghi is currently one of the principals and più amati attori of Italian cinema. The protagonist of the Suburra saga, he returns for the second stage of the Sky Demon series with the American actor Patrick Dempsey. Il 35enne has spoken to the Corriere della Sera From his past and from how it is … Read more

Interview with Veronica, giovane artist who is testing farsi spazio in the world of pop

Interview with Veronica giovane artist who is testing farsi spazio

Veronica is a young artist who is proving Farsi space in the world of pop thanks to the single video of great visual impact that treated me very delicately. “Vivarium” is her new video, in uscita venerdì 22 aprile. Bye Veronica. Ci racconti il ​​tuo progetto musicale fin qui? Bye bye! My project was born … Read more