Pier Paolo Pasolini paroliere. The epic in the form of rock

Che Pasolini abbia written any song is something ormai abbastanza nota, tra specialisti e non. Tuttavia, come per ogni fatto che riguarda il Bolognese poet and regist, if he is also consolidated in this area a vulgate that leads vaguely fuori strada. Sul Pasolini paroliere la versione facilior prevede due assunti: il primo, che when … Read more

The producer of Ciipher Rain reveals how expensive it is to form a group of ragazzi K-pop – Tebigeek

With hundreds of years of K-pop debuting last year, it’s hard to tell if you miss a second. Insieme the talent, the idol group must have contact, fortune and financial stability. Unless the group did not debut with the label Big 4 (HYBE, YG, SM, JYPE) like NMIXX or Enhypen, also the artist who debuted … Read more