Domus Aurea sells a box and s’illumina di rock: il gioiello archeologico tra luci e suoni

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The myth of the new Muse and the legendary memory of Nerone, the versatility of performative art through dance and comedy, and the theme of the journey through diverse musical narration, through electronic lyrics and rock aura. The Domus Aurea, gioiello of the archaeological heritage of Rome, located in its monumental underground extension in the … Read more

Domus Opera is born, a new name to indicate the Vescovile complex of Piazza Duomo

Domus Opera is born. This denomination, voluntarily scelta in Latin, expresses the specificity and the molteplicità di valenze simboliche, storiche e culturali dell’intero artistic-monumental complex. With Domus, to the genitive, if it qualifies the building “of the Duomo” (the Cattedrale), the house of the Vescovo (Palazzo vescovile) and the Chiesa, “house” that accoglie ogni uomo. … Read more