Il mistero delle ragazze dai grandi occhi: the second chapter of the series created by Vitagliano

yes kid Il mistero delle ragazze dai grandi occhi The new book by Giancarlo Vitagliano, edited by Homo Scrivens. The volume will be presented tuesday 27 setembre alle 18 presso la libreria Iocisto (piazzetta Aldo Masullo – Naples). Insieme all’autore intervengono: Maurizio de Giovanni and Serena Venditto. Moderated by the editor Aldo Putignano. the book … Read more

The artificial intelligence “ruba” il lavoro agli artisti: Dipinto created with an IA wins an art contest

The artificial intelligence ruba il lavoro agli artisti Dipinto created

home technology The artificial intelligence “ruba” il lavoro agli artisti: dipinto created with an IA wins an art contest Gave Camilla Flocco – 1 September 2022 I will create a dipinto with l’artificial intelligenceè considerable art? In Colorado, USA, Monday if you have a competition chiamata Colorado State Fair. Numerous artists if I am radunati … Read more

An artistic composition created by an AI won the first prize in an art contest. And i “veri” artisti prendono male

An artistic composition created by an AI won the first

Concorso d’arte indetto dalla Colorado State Fair: vince Jason Allen with the stamp of his painting Théâtre D’opéra Spatial. Niente di particular da segnalare, I know that Jason Allen has not been caught in hand with a pennello and that the picture has “painted” a software mosso dall’Intelligenza Artificiale. Théâtre D’opéra Spatial è, … Read more

How is Darth Vader created, one of the key characters in pop culture

The tv series dedicated to Obi-Wan Kenobi He has co-starred Leia and Lord Fener aka Darth Vader, due to pop icon quanto lui (se non di più). We say that it is the right moment to talk about how the character was born forse più emblematico dell’intero system starwars. Let’s start with the name: Darth … Read more

Depeche Mode: that was Andy Fletcher, the gentle guitarist who created the sound of the band by Dave Gahan and Martin Gore

I Depeche Mode I have remembered him with the sopranome with whom he was known from Tutti, “fletch.” “AvEva un cuore d’oro ed era semper lì when we avevamo bisogno di supporto, say a brilliant conversation, a beautiful laugh or a beautiful pint of fresh beer.” Andy Fletcher, share on 26 maggio a 60 anni, … Read more

Torino – Apre il pop up Ristorante Europa: an event created by Tuorlo Magazine that combines cibo with pop music

During the day of the Eurovision Song Contest, the highest international music festival organized annually by the members of the European Radio Broadcasting Union and scheduled for Torino from 10 to 14 May, Tuorlo Magazine, the video-based digital magazine, has created a unique and rare event . If Chiama Ristorante Europa and attraverso il cibo … Read more