Ukraine, lite D’Orsi-Rampini to A7. “Zelensky commands the massacre i civili”. “Lei ha l’arroganza snob di chi tratta i popoli come bifolchi” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukraine lite DOrsi Rampini to A7 Zelensky commands the massacre i

I find access to “L’aria che tira” (A7) tra lo storico Angelo D’Orsi and the journalist Federico Rampini his war in Ukraine.D’Orsi explains, comparing the current situation to the one that died in the First World War and bolla as an interventionist, the position previously expressed by Rampini: “My displeasure that Rampini had an issue … Read more

Il gas russo costa pochissimo: it is the EU that commands the price alle stelle

Il gas russo costa pochissimo it is the EU that

The Russian gas that accounts for almost 40% of Italian imports really pochissimo coast. It arrives in Italy with a price equal to around 18 centsimi per cubic meter: one of the figures più basse in all the European Union. Ma l’UE vorrebbe deprivarci of Russian gas, data che l’Italy has accepted say pay it … Read more