From Gressoney to New York, i successi delle illustrazioni di Monica Barengo

From Gressoney to New York i successi delle illustrazioni di

From children’s games to adolescents, but to become an authentic work of adults, the design is always provided for Monica Barengo an essential and inalienable part of life itself. L’illustratrice piedmontese, resident in Gressoney-La-Trinité, Impegnata from Italy, France and Taiwan, has been able to collect in the corso degli anni numerosi successi in the artistic … Read more

Mind the gap: the new book by Monica Barengo is not that I saw aspettate – Frizzifrizzi

Interview with Monica Barengo Ciao Monica, I’m so happy to ritrovarti with a new book! Raccontaci a bit i tuoi ultimi anni, ti si vede little in giro ma so che hai lavorato moltissimo! Ciao Davide, indeed yes, in this last year I have worked hard and, in particular, the last year is about to … Read more