Isola dei Famosi, speaking to the former shipwreck Licia Nunez: “Roger Balduino e Blind, due bugiardi”

L’attrice pugliese, one of the shipwreck of the seventeenth edition of the Isola dei Famosi, interviewed by SuperGuidaTv. lycia nunez This is one of the shipwreck of the seventeenth edition of theIsola dei Famosi. L’attrice pugliese, she has seen her adventure in Honduras for seven weeks, deciding to do it reality show At the time … Read more

Guendalina Tavassi reveals a retroscene of her Estefania and Roger Balduino

Nella puntata di Pomeriggio 5 andata in onda ieri pomeriggio l’ex shipwrecked Roger Baldwin – che has done abbandonare il reality per motive medici – It is the undisputed protagonist of the part dedicated to reality. Dopo averlo introdotto in studio, Barbara D’Urso He has left the Brazilian model who was arrested to frequent his … Read more

Roger Balduino, thing we know about the ‘secret’ figure of 11 years: name, photo and identity of the mother

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Roger Balduino, current concurrent of L’Isola dei Famosi There is a figure of 11 years. She spoke for the prima volta during the last point of the reality show, on Monday April 18 in the nomination parade. Il beautiful Brazilian model that currently gives sfoggio delle sue prodezze sulle spiagge dell’Honduras for about a month, … Read more