Rassegna di arti performative, “Buon’Estate” at Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Rassegna di arti performative BuonEstate at Palazzo Buonaccorsi

MACERATA – The kermesse from 4 to 15 July at the civic museum. L’assessore Cassetta: «A new way to enjoy and share the beauty of the museum spaces, welcome the public and with that live the emotions that only dance, poetry, the story sanno dare. Giovani artisti from our territory joins the national company in … Read more

A dimora per le arti alla Casina delle Rose, l’associazione Demos: «Decidano i cittadini»

A dimora per le arti alla Casina delle Rose lassociazione

FERMO – Percorsi (with scale, elevator or scale mobili if you will) che, dal Girfalco, scendono lungo la città. The A Casina delle Rose che, da quasi rudere in attesa di essere acquistato, diventa casa delle arti. I am the proposal of the technical table of theassociation Demos, he has concluded his work for the … Read more

Bahlsen Italia and Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera present “Out of the Blue Bahlsen By Design”

“Molto è cambiato dal 1889, ma la nostra curiosità è rimasta la stessa. The project of the Specific Site of Urban Art and Design that we open to porting forward insieme a prestigious partner such as that of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, if it is included in the activity in support of … Read more

Perugia1416, unveiled at the Palio d’artista signed by the studentessa dell’Accademia delle Belle Arti Francesca Biancalana

It is the giovane corcianese artist Francesca Biancalana, frequentante the second year of painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti “Pietro Vannucci” di Perugia, the vincitrce of the band “Palio d’artista” offered by the Association Perugia 1416 for realizing the trophy of the sfida tra i rioni della città. The studentessa if she aggiudica così … Read more

Tutte le arti in a single luogo: returns “Intervalli Festival” to the Portello

Al via the new edition of Intervalli Festival. From Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 May 2022, the Festival Multidisciplinare delle Arti Padovane porterà in the city five years of music, dance and art on the suggestive cornice of Piazza Portello, always a point of disagreement and exchange for merchandise and travel a tempo, tra giovani … Read more

Catanzaro, signs the convention that gives the way to the Politecnico delle Arti – CatanzaroInforma

Catanzaro signs the convention that gives the way to the

It was basically time to gettate, and the Politecnico delle Arti building began to turn on its volume and hope for its Catanzaro skyline. To Palazzo De Nobili, the inspirational institution of the project has written the convention that impegna to the strength and the respect of the statute that fisserà regulate and conditions of … Read more