“È stata una donna coraggiosa”: Sandra Milo, the painful addition of the historic Italian actress

E stata una donna coraggiosa Sandra Milo the painful addition

Sandra Milo – Passione Tecnologica Sandra Milo is one of the most admired actresses of our country, the lady who is not in her age, is very social. The photo she has published is a greeting to a colleague. Sandra Milo è un’atrice, author and Italian singer, born in 1933 in Tunisi. Il suo nome … Read more

Giordana Marengo, the esordiente actress of La vita bugiarda degli adulti

C.Apelli corti, sguardo intense che buca lo schermo e un’expressione malinconica a raccontare i charoscuri della vita “dei grandi”. Giordana Marengo is the protagonist of the new Netflix series, The vita bugiarda degli adultidealt with the romance of Elena Ferrante. There her cousin appearance on tvshe is ready to love hers Giovanna affamata di sogni … Read more

This is the arrest of the famous Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti

Thing is happening with Harry Meghan and

AGI – One month, if I was willing to pay “any price” for the first time in Iran to sustain the manifestations in course of three months and that chiedono la fine della Repubblica islamica. Now, Taraneh Alidoosti, one of the most famous Iranian actresses, has been arrested in her apartment in Tehran after an … Read more

Shelley Duvall, who finally lost the iconic actress of “Shining” with Jack Nicholson

Il suo volto terrorizzato nel film shining è diventato una delle immagini più rappresentative e iconiche del cinema di tutti i tempi. The interpreting Wendy gives Shelley Duvall In Stanley Kubrick’s film, Jack Nicholson’s fianco (nei panni de Jack Torrance), he told the story and deeply signed if the carrier of the actress’s private life, … Read more

“Virna Lisi, the lady who gave up Hollywood”: ecco il film che racconta la straordinaria actress Marchigiana

Virna Lisi the lady who gave up Hollywood ecco il

ANCONA – A great lady, an extraordinary actress, a stella marchigiana that shines forever. Virna Pieralisi, in art Virna Lisi, was born in Ancona on November 8, 1936 and was alive all’età on 78 years in 2014 but her sweetheart remains bright in her heart. This morning at the 17th Festa Del Cinema di Roma, … Read more

The interview with Elodie, actress in Ti mangio il cuore: “Mi sono innamorata”

The interview with Elodie actress in Ti mangio il cuore

Elodie If it is based on the actor’s circle in a dramatic film, I will soon show another side of it. The singer will be the protagonist di You mangio il heartfilm by Pippo Mezzapesa presented at the Venice Festival 2022. Elodie parla del suo ruolo di attrice a Deejay Chiama Italythe program I gave … Read more

Stefania Sandrelli: «At 17 years old I was advanced by a calciatore della Lazio, my riempì di botte e denounced it. I ritirarmi? I am not a former actress»

Saranno Campioni Fabiana Rinella la figlia darte che lotta da

VENICE – Stefania Sandrelli She is a regina avvolta in veli candidi that carries to the Lido the weight of her «carrierona», 100 films and a regal lyric, and the triumphant beauty of her 76 years. “Non ho chiuso occhio e, come diceva l’amato Ettore Scola, quando non sleepo sono più bella”, if she schermisce … Read more

Amber Heard and her future in Aquaman: the actress will recite anchor of the process against Johnny Depp?

Amber Heard and her future in Aquaman the actress will

Will Amber Heard be anchored in Aquaman in the process against Johnny Depp? Cosa sappiamo sul future dell’attrice A request but rimuovere Amber Heard dal franchise di Aquaman It has officially met the target target of 4.5 million firm. Due to the fact that Fairfax’s court ruling is pronounced in favor of Johnny Depp in … Read more

Louis Garrel: “My new film inspired by my mother actress who worked with and carcerati”

gave Stefania Ulivi, invited to Cannes Actor and recordist, he presented his «L’innocent», a bit of a comedy, a bit of a thriller about the conflict between a figure and the mother when he decides to marry a detainee In the sign of the mother. Figlio e nipote d’arte, Louis Garrel, has performed for his … Read more

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: in the process the version of the actress, after smentite, gli ex and Kate Moss

Riprende l’udienza. Heard che racconta la sua versione della storia tra qualche bugia, testimoni e ricotruzioni non semper chiare A Fairfax, in Virginia, Ricominciato one of the process pi seguiti degli ultimi tempiquello per diffamazione tries da Johnny Depp 58 years old, controlled the former moglie Amber Heard 36. Ora l’attrice a raccontare la versione … Read more