Varese Re-Live! apre il 2023 all’insegna della contaminazione Da Moni Ovadia all’opera, dal rock ai cantautori: 5 mesi, 10 spettacoli –


Varese Re-Live! apre il 2023 all’insegna della contaminazione
Da Moni Ovadia all’opera, dal rock ai cantautori: 5 mesi, 10 spettacoli

Filmstudio 90 e Giorni Dispari Teatro, in collaboration with the Ma.Ni association and the Canova orchestra, propose the second part of the cultural rassegna at the Teatro Nuovo di Varese. Music is the leading edge of a journey that spans all kinds of diversity and experimentation

Un viaggio lungo cinque mesi traverso ten appuntamenti. Turn on life on 16 Gennaio 2023 for chiudersi il 25 maggio the second part of Varese Re-Live!, rassegna promossa da Filmstudio 90 e da Giorni Dispari Teatro, in collaboration with the association Ma.Ni and the orchestra Canova and the contribution of Regione Lombardia, Fondazione Comunitaria del Varesotto, Fondazione Cariplo, TD Group and with the support of Bcc di Bust Garolfo and Buguggiate. In a path that leads to the center of music, the Teatro Nuovo hosts a program that moves between opera and theater canzones, between “osteria” and rock music, exploring genres, poetry and diverse sensibilities. Still one turn, is the contamination (and the experimentation) to characterize this proposal. «From Moni Ovadia, whose will was to confirm the opening spettacolo proposed on the occasion of the Giornata della Memoria, to an unpublished accosmento Fabrizio De Andrè – Nick Cave to arrive at Gian Carlo Menotti and one Shakespeare “elettrificato”, We willingly continue along the road of contamination to offer a program that could be of interest and growth of the spectators”, says Giulio Rossini, artistic director of Varese Re-Live! Join me with Serena Nardi. «Music is the great protagonist: it is read along with it in a path that will touch diverse generi of communication, always inquisitive and always offering spunti of rifles».


All’interno della programmazione spicca la prima assoluta delle opera di Gian Carlo Menotti “The telephone, or l’amour à trois” and “The medium” nella production InOpera Factory. «Èil recupero dello spettacolo già foreseen in the last edition of the Estense Menotti Festival, but suspected by some almost Covid, with the orchestra Canova directed by maestro Enrico Saverio Pagano. These serata meander in the “Progetto Menotti” that foresees the messa in scene of this two piccole meravigliose operas by the great composer from our Varesian territory and affirms in all the world as one of the main operas of 1900”, adds Serena Nardi.

To crown this great journey, foreseen the present encounter with the writer Dacia Maraini and the production of the docufilm “Haiku on a plum tree” her extraordinary story of the anthropologist Fosco Maraini, of his mother, the actress Topazia Alliata, and the parrot figlie , Dacia, Yuki and Toni, prisoners in a field in Giappone during the second world war.

«Varese Re-Live! represents the voglia della cultura varesina di esserci and the volontà di fare cultura in open mode”, he affirms Diego Trogher, vice president of the Bcc di Busto Garolfo e Buguggiate. «Come Bcc we confirm the support of the rassegna because we strongly believe in the value of culture which element of growth for a territory and reason for labor. I will sustain the culture and guard the future with the force of data if there is a sharing of an objective if there is always one operation».


The program of Varese Re-Live! If I learned Monday January 16, 2023 with “Oylem Goylem”, spettacolo junto al suo trentesimo aniversario. I met Moni Ovadia, with the Moni Ovadia Stage Orchestra, “Oylem Goylem” is a cult messa on stage, an antidote to violence, intolerance and razzismi vecchi e nuovi, which in a summary of events, live music and laughter presents an affresco of the ebraic popolo come mai visto. Starts on 21.

Giovedì 9 February is in program “The voice of the body” I found Luca Vullo. I define the ambasciatore della gestualità italiana in the world to see the transformation of that which is seen as a negative stereotype in a true and proper university subject, Vullo racconta in a fun way this immaterial heritage of our culture, which is unique and imbattibili in all of it planet.

Giovedì 16 February Mario Chiodetti, together with the soprano Sarah Tisba, the pianist Francesco Miotti and with the narrating voice of Serena Nardi, presents “All’osteria della Scapigliatura”: un passionate omaggio ad artisti spesso dimenticati traverso le loro creazioni poetiche, pittoriche e musicali. Un viaggio senza mete apparenti, dettato dalla memoria e dall’amore verso l’arte per l’arte e per le vie, le osterie, i brum, le botteghe di una città scomparsa, come i suoi cantori.

Venerdi March 3 if you go to the opera The messa in scena delle opere di Gian Carlo Menotti is foreseen “The telephone, or l’amour a’ trois” and “The medium” In the new production InOpera Factory with the orchestra Canova directed by maestro Enrico Saverio Pagano for the royal, the scene and costumes of Serena Nardi.

“The telephone, or l’amour a’ trois” will see Sabrina Cortese (Lucy) and Giacomo Nanni (Ben); “The medium”, Manuela Custer (Madame Flora), Eleonora Caminada (Monica), Sabrina Cortese (Mrs Gobineau),

Giacomo Nanni (Mr. Gobineau) and Benedetta Mazzetto (Mrs. Nolan).

Giovedì March 23 Luca London in concert. The busker who, with his extraordinary talent, is impazzire Londra, arrives in Varese. Giovane chitarrista originally from a small town in the province of Pisa, Luca assembles, in an incredibly captivating medley, the intero spettro of pop/rock/blues and singer-songwriter music.

Giovedì 13 April è in programma la proiezione di “Moonage Daydream” di Brett Morgen (USA/Germany 2022, 140′). An essential film, focused on David Bowie, one of the great stars of music, and not alone, which explores the life and career of the artist. He has been able to tell the paperwork and testimonials of the songs, the experimentation and his identity search, which he has carried through the years of ’70 to create Ziggy Stardust. Il documentary Ripercorre i mille volti di Bowie, da l’uomo ventuto da Marte, which has anticipated the fluidity of contemporary genere, all’aristocratic and elegant Duca Bianco, fine all’idolo delle masse negli anni ’80.

Giovedì 27 April: “La sfida dell’amore”, I hear the dialogue in music by Fabrizio De Andrè and Nick Cave, with Kicking Pricks and Cuccioli del Maggio. From Genova all’Australia, and two singer-songwriters share a lot: both have spoken of the deep and disillusioned vein and also are incantati of the poetry of Leonard Cohen, both of which are quasi allievi de facto (De André has tradotto diversi brani di esta artista, di cui Suzanne is forse il più celebre). Sono due artisti epocali, punti di referimento essential to face the most profound and universal themes for the people who have given life to capolavori without tempo.

Giovedì 11 maggioin collaboration with the rassegna Di terra e di cielo comes proposto lo spettacolo “Città (in)visible” per la regia di Roberta Mangano. Un viaggio traverso sette città immaginarie, inspired by the pen of Italo Calvino, of the music of Castelnuovo Tedesco and of the painting of Francisco de Goya. An actor, nei panni del viaggiatore, and two musicians che suonano dal vivo dialogo sel palco, che ha por sfondo un scenography vuota. An artist will start it and dip it alive, making visible the construction of a più ecological and civil city. From the box Roberta Mangano (chitarra), Nicholas Nebuloni (chitarra and violin), Riccardo Trovato (parola) and Martino “Marna” Natuzzi (design and graffiti).

Giovedì 25 maggiogli allievi di Scuola Teatro Varese di Giorni Dispari Teatro presentano “About Shakespeare” with the accompaniment of the electric guitar of Federico Cancellara. Alcuni personaggi delle tragedie shakespiriane returned to parlarci per raccountarci what che di parrot nessuno ha mai saputo: sogni, misteri, secreti e frustrazioni. Simply un’altra verità, the famous “quello che non….”. Ofelia, Desdemona, Mercuzio, Amleto, Romeo, Ariel, Cleopatra, Macbeth and others: with one occhio al male and one al bene. Proprio eats “dovrebbe semper essere”.

Still in attesa of data definitions, I don’t meet with Dacia Maraini. The writer and saggista, winner of the Campiello Award in 1990 with “La lunga vita di Marianna Ucrìa”, and in the 1999 Strega Award with “Buio”, presents “Caro Pier Paolo”, the suo ricordo di Pasolini a cent’anni dalla nascita (1922-2022) in an interview with Mario Visco. There 18.30.

There 8:30 pm, screening of “Haiku on a plum tree” by Mujah Maraini-Melehi (Italy/Giappone 2016′). Tokyo 1943: the Italian anthropologist Fosco Maraini and the female Topazia Alliata rifiutano di firmare per la Repubblica di Salò. Following this, the Celtic parrot came to Nagoya in a prairie field with the parrot three Dacia figs, Yuki and Toni. Mujah, daughter of Toni, at a distance from so many years, goes to Giappone to relive the family experience and re-elaborate it by making it her own through the recovery of memory.

Tutti gli spettacoli si svolgono al Cinema Teatro Nuovo di Varese (viale dei Mille 39) and, unless otherwise indicated, have not started at 21. For further information and biglietti:

The complete program is available here


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Varese Re-Live! apre il 2023 all’insegna della contaminazione Da Moni Ovadia all’opera, dal rock ai cantautori: 5 mesi, 10 spettacoli –

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