Tonstartssbandht: veterans of the psych-rock scene in concert in Ravenna –

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tuesday 5 july 2022
Bagno Hana Bi
Viale della Pace 452g – Marina di Ravenna (Ra)

start pray 21.30
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The American psych-rock duo named Tonstartssbandht voluntarily unpronounceable, format in 2008 dai fratelli Andy and Edwin White, became the 14th chapter of the personal rock-psych-kraut saga, with an album (Petunia) definitely più ponderato e calibrato, no acaso published at a considerable temporal distance from the preceding: ben quattro anni. Petunia sows a true and own aesthetic dichiarazione. Using a little bit of a chitarra to 12 chords and a drum kit, Andy and Edwin intertwine the sweet ebbrezza of Laurel Canyon and the rhythm of Colonia; Like a gyroscope, its constant movement produces the illusion of immobilization and that immobilization that confers a sense of intimacy and introspection.

Qualche ano fa, Bob Weir spoke to a writer of his process and how the notion of continuous divenire, di vita vissuta in uno estato di flusso, not si applichi solo all’io in continual evoluzione, ma ache alle cose che l’io creates. Speaking about the song “Saint of Circumstance”, which sounds like it has been alive for 40 years, Weir has said: “I’m just beginning to grattare the surface of what I could do with this song”. The idea of ​​a song like an oggetto that lives and breathes, a liquid ritratto that if it spins fine to the edge of any qualsiasi cornice sia fissata its di essa, is at the center of the work of Edwin and Andy White as Tonstartssbandht. Thanks to the continued tour, the song of the fratelli took shape and changed shape, having fun, it will be something slightly different while we look at the possibility of staying there. With il tempo, l’attenzione e l’intenzione, queste canzoni, lunghe, languide, piene di domande musicali aperte e risposte temporanee, diventano oggetti distinti e il ricomincia process. In Petunia, the brother’s diciottesimo album and the second by Mexican Summer, portano ai first moment of this process, showing a granaio pieno de pulcini già addobbati with a splendid piumaggio.
Laddove the largest part of the album dei Tonstartssbandht comes slowly compounded in the corso degli anni, registered to the volo ogni volta che i Whites hanno qualche freeo in viaggio, Petunia è stato in great part written and registered in the loro città natale, Orlando, in 2020. Molti dei brani were not stati suonati dal vivo, ma in extremely grezza (“scheletri di canzoni”, as Andy says), and not if they were ancora sviluppati in any type of mature phase. With a sacco di tempo available grazie all’isolamento e senza concerti da fare, Andy ed Edwin hasno decided to give some meat to quegli scheletri e portarli in vita da soli. Petunia is the first album of Tonstartssbandht to be stato created in a prolonged way and in a coherent environment, written and registered in a single luogo for a period of time mirato.

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Tonstartssbandht: veterans of the psych-rock scene in concert in Ravenna –

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