To Milano the pop art racconta Elisabetta II

Monarca dei record, sovrana di stile, last true pop icon of our time that has inspired television series, film, songs and art opera, Queen Elisabetta II is the protagonist of the show “Lilibet. The Queen”, opening on Friday 19 End of February 20, August, 2020 at the Agostino Art Gallery in Milan, curated by Cinzia Lampariello Ranzi and in collaboration with Cris Contini Contemporary. For the occasion, a selection of unique and multi-faceted people will be presented by some of the protagonists of the new pop art trend and international street art: Endless, Marco Lodola, Mr. Brainwash, Raptuz, Jamie Reid and Tvboy. I washed these are the success of a prize condotta in 2021 and in 2022 from the fondatori di Agostino Art Gallery, Giacomo Christian Giulio Ranzi and Cinzia Lampariello Ranzi, interested in celebrating the strong iconic, political and cultural value of “Her Majesty” through the Language of art and the confrontation with the work carried out by artists apparten to diverse generations and geographical-cultural environments. (gci)


Great results from the public and critics, with more than 50 thousand visitors, 15 thousand prenotations of all attractions and more than 1,500 of the class that have prenotated the visit and the laboratory, for the “I Macchiaioli” exhibition, open to Palazzo Blu di Pisa lo scorso 8 October 2022 and visitable until February 26, produced and organized by the Fondazione Palazzo Blu e MondoMostre, with the contribution of the Fondazione Pisa, to the care of Francesca Dini. The exhibitions at Palazzo Blu, divided into 11 sections for a total of 120 more operators, accounted for the adventure of a group of progressive, Tuscan and non-Tuscan pittori, who wished to understand the distance from the academic institution in what shape it was, under the influence of important masters of Romanticism like Giuseppe Bezzuoli and Francesco Hayez, who in a short time wrote one of the most poetic and bold pages of art history. A febbraio sono predicti, inoltre, gli ultimi due incontri nell’ambito della mostra, a ingresso libero nell’Auditorium di Palazzo Blu, i quali offrono ai visitatori un’ulteriore possibilità di riperrere l’evoluzione e insieme rivoluzione dei Macchiaioli. On February 2, he will meet with Arianna Arisi Rota, Ordinary Professor of Contemporary History at the Department of Science, with the title “The Political and Sentimental Journey of the Risorgimento through the Paint”, who will confront the occhio of political and delle history Più recent suggestions on the subject of material culture and visual sources, and contestualizzerà esempi di scelte pictoriche that have contributed to the political and sentimental journey of the Risorgimento. On February 16, once, Francesca Dini, curator of the “I Macchiaioli” exhibition, an expert art historian and professor at the best autorevoli of this movement, will speak with the curatorial commentary “La mostra I Macchiaioli di Palazzo Blu: a precious opportunity for an unpublished historical-critical itinerary through the capolavori of the tuscan movement”, which rifletterà sulla reale collocazione dell’avanguardia macchiaiola in the european context of his time, rapidly running vice versa and the biography of artists. (gci)


After the success of the three exhibitions dedicated to Divina Commedia, with the 101 opere signed Salvador Dalì, to La Galleria delle Arti in Rome, historic cultural center of the quartiere di San Lorenzo, from January 18 to March 5 if you have the mostra di Joan He looked at “Tracé sur l’eau”, a series of 14 acquerelli stampati ad acquaforte his onion skin paper du Marais in a limited edition, published in 1963 as a book by the artist from the Spanish master of Surrealism. The exhibitions can be visited on mercoledì, il giovedì and la domenica from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. He operates in his testimonial show how much Miró attinga da diversi stili e movimienti artistici, in particular dall’espressionismo astratto americano, with a chiaro reference to the drip painting of Pollock, the quale to his volta if he inspires the Surrealist movement. Al primo sguardo, lo spettatore è catturato dalla natura chaotica della composizione; The contrast of red, blue and green with the muti tones of gray and brown and the use of lines and fluid shapes create a sense of movement and energy. Not even the apparent chaos if it comes pervasive gives a sense of calm and balance, as different elements become harmoniously integrated. (redm)


In the field of ART CITY Bologna 2023 on the occasion of Art Fiera, a selection of unprecedented operations by Greta Schodl will be released from 28 Gennaio on March 11 at the show “Il segno traccia del nostro vissuto”, curated by Silvia Evangelisti, host of Labs Contemporary Art in Bologna. Il lavoro di Greta Schodl incorporates lettere e simboli, rhythmically fine ripetuti to renderli astratti. Forme geometrice e degni si decisi si intercciano con le parole, illuminate with foglia d’oro and fuse its diverse surface: pages of botanical books, maps, cards, foglie, pezzi di marmo and lenzuoli, which carry memory of past existence. Through the combination of linguistic and visual representations, Schodl cancels the original meaning of the words and oggetti that she uses, impregnating them with a new meaning. Il suo lavoro de ella sfida i costrutti sociali del linguagio e suggestisce forme alternative expression and interpretation. Born in Hollabrunn in Austria in 1929, Greta Schödl transferred to Bologna at the end of the Cinquanta years. She was active in the year Sessanta, in 1978 she took part in the 38th Venice Biennale and in 1981 in the Sao Paulo Biennale in Brazil. Her works are present in various other national and international collections in various museums, including the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome, the MART in Rovereto, the MAGA in Varese, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts Say Washington (USA). (gci)


A show that runs to the video and to the language of documentary cinema to investigate the imagini prodotte of others in determinati contesti: è the person of Caterina Erica Shanta from the title “Il cielo stellato”, curated by Marta Cereda, planned from 25 to 17 Gennaio March presso Careof – Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. If it is about an artistic and cinematographic project, it was also carried out thanks to the contribution of Galleria Indice, focused on its festival of the Madonna della Bruna di Matera, case study analyzed by the artist as an event always più raccontato dalle immagini that the document and testimony of the great historical changes , social and technological. In showing the mediometraggio produced by the Careof and the Invisible Film that analyzes and accounts for this phenomenon, accompanied by a series of archival materials collected by the artist nei mesi di lavoro in Basilicata and a cycle of images made with the technique of photogrammetry , an in-grade technology to generate three-dimensional models from photographs taken around a central soggetto. In this sense, Caterina Erica Shanta has raccolto per anni, through the open call, photographed her scattate from the public with her own cell phone in the main piazza of Matera during the cardine moment of the festival, she saw the distribution, “o ‘strazzo’”, of the car trionfale opera della popolazione. Nel momento en cui il carro sparisce demolito da migliaia di braccia, altrettante scattano fotografie: inconscientemente realizzano una fotogrammetria a 360° quasi perfetta del soggetto centrale ormai distrutto. Caterina Erica Shanta (1986, Germany), lives and works in Pordenone. She is an artist and a recordist, she did form Venezia dove in 2014 she obtained a Master in Arti Visive at the Università IUAV. Il video è il suo principale mezzo di indagine de ella. Investigate immagini prodotte da altri to explore how this is not related to particular answers. She uses edited and re-mixed video, footage, and archival images as main media. Her close to her focuses on her definition of images proper to the language of documentary cinema. She currently collaborates with the archivist and photographer Rawsht Twana on the “Twana Archive” project, supported by the Italian Council, Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea, Ministero della Cultura. (gci)

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To Milano the pop art racconta Elisabetta II

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