The Spirit of Milan founded the House of Rock on Wednesday 11th, electing Ronnie Jones and Pino Scotto together with Eugenio Finardi and Saturnino.

L’11 maggio allo SPIRIT DE MILAN (Via Bovisasca 59, Milan) THE HOUSE OF ROCK turns on life in a serata straordinaria during the quale sarà possibile ascoltare il suono originale di alcuni degli More than 400 instruments collected by Mariano Freschi. Amplificatori, chitarre, bassi e batterie turned to suonare grazie ad alcuni musicisti who have fatto la storia della italian rock music; a SUPER BAND composed by Eugenio Finardi, Saturnino, Patrizio Fariselli, Paolo Bonfanti, Pino Scotto, Ronnie Jones and many others. It will also be the occasion to feel, directly from the Piacentian collezionist, some of the aneddoti who tell the story of these precious oggetti in an appassionate dialogue with the journalist Ezio Guaitamacchi. Start will be at 10:00 p.m., free entrance.

Try to imagine how to inflate the jack of the Ibanez used by Steve Vai in the amplifier of Jimmy Page, as well as the basso Fender di Sting amplified by the Acoustic dei Judas Priest with, besides, the battery of King Crimson. Di Fronte, a singer who plays the harmonica used by Roger Daltrey in Quadrophenia, while playing the guitar of the simple minds in the voice of Oasis and the prototype of the Fender Stratocaster of Iron Maiden in the voice ac30 by Keith Richards. Sara A NOTTE ROCK DA SOGNO

The band on the stage of the SPIRIT OF MILAN is made up of: EUGENIO FINARDI, PAOLO BONFANTI – Bandleader; GIOVANNI MAGGIORE “GIUVAZZA” (Eugenio Finardi), chitarra – SCOTTO PINE, RONNIE-JONES – Voice; PATRIZIO FARISELLI (Area) – Tastiere; SATURNINE – Basso; Pietruccio Montalbetti (Dik Dik) – Voce, chitarra, harmonica; GIGI CAVALLI COCCHI (ClanDestino/Ligabue, CSI, Mangala Vallis) – Battery.

THE HOUSE OF ROCKat the moment, è l’abitazione di MARIAN FRESCHIwho has decided to open the door of his house for mettere at the disposal of many appassionati or of so many semplici curiosi, a vast heritage that runs through the history of rock.

A vast collection by Mariano Freschi that includes the exhibition rock on stage, more than 400 oggetti storici tra strumenti, amplifiers, pedaliere, effetti che sono stati sui più prestigious international palcoscenici. My memorabilia also varies appartenute all the great stars of rock music and 45 thousand people with photographs, posters, tour books, picture discs, books and magazines that the Piacentian collector has collected in the arch of the past 40 years of confirmed passion.

Tutti questi oggetti costituiscono le fondamenta di un sleep hey Mariano Freschi cultivate da tempo, a I dream that I move to the rhythm of rock: I will create a true one of my own “Rock House” Per poter I will give life to a unique luogo in cui si repiri in one moment of the Giornata the spirit of the music that has changed the world.

«Vogliamo parlare a tutti gli appassionati– spike Mariano Freschisiano essi ventenni o settantenni, lover of progressive, say hard & heavy or say one of the innumerevoli anime that compose the meravigliosa galassia del rock».

Mariano Freschi it’s also fondatore di “MADE IN ROCK”, a nonprofit association that has as its objective the promotion and valorization of rock music and culture for this legacy. L’associazione operates grazie all’apporto di Stefano Prinzivalli for the part of Communication and Marketing.

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The Spirit of Milan founded the House of Rock on Wednesday 11th, electing Ronnie Jones and Pino Scotto together with Eugenio Finardi and Saturnino.

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