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With hundreds of years of K-pop debuting last year, it’s hard to tell if you miss a second. Insieme the talent, the idol group must have contact, fortune and financial stability. Unless the group did not debut with the label Big 4 (HYBE, YG, SM, JYPE) like NMIXX or Enhypen, also the artist who debuted with the label of the fascia media Faticano would find success immediately. Among the labels K-pop like CUBE, Woollim, DSP and DR Music have a stellar reputation and were attori important in their first and second generations, and they are currently very popular, while IVE by Starship and STAYC by HighUp are considered debut most.

In this way, the group of ragazzi of Rain, Ciipher, not if it is anchored in K-pop. This Rain is a K-pop icon and was arrested for assaulting the industry in 2002. I suoi singoli virali hanno scosso la Sud Korea e sono coperti ancora oggi da artisti del calibro de BTS e Ateez como sua song de debut “Bad Guy” and successi successivi like “Rainism” and “Gang”. The singer 39enne has also suppressed the ageist mentality in K-pop because he is anchored by the populace and loves the great public. He is also an acclaimed actor and is the protagonist of the recently successful drama film “Ghost Doctor”.


Rain will host the audition program for Mnet’s “Be Mbitious” for “Street Man Fighter”

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Rain e Ciipher’s Tan appaiono in uno spettacolo di varietà

E così, con il suo immense successo da soloista, i fan pensavano che ache il suo gruppo di ragazzi sarebbe andato bien. Rain has presented his first group maschile chiamato Ciipher, who has debuted under his second label K-pop RAIN Company in 2021. From the formation of the idol group to the personal management of the production, and Rain was stati piuttosto practiced the debut parrot. And now, she has revealed how much is absolutely necessary to form Ciipher. The member of Rain and Ciipher Tan, who has also recited in “Ghost Doctor”, is also featured in the “Good Luck This Week” variety with co-star Seo Dong-il.

Ciipher’s debut cost as an apartment in Seoul

To a certain extent, Dong-il has told Tan about his culinary skills that the idol artist has responded that he could only fry one egg. Scherzando, l’ospite has chiesto Rain as soon as she was invested in Tan e Ciipher. To that, Rain has disputed that the amount she had thick per i ragazzi was enough to buy a house. The average cost of an apartment in Seoul is almost $933,000. Tuttavia, Rain in seguito has condiviso di essere fiducioso che Tan sarebbe diventato grande in 2 o 3 anni.

So alias Choi Seok-won has been a fan since 2014, when he arrived at the end of the K-pop pop show “No Mercy” and almost debuted with Monsta X. He has also regularly participated in variety shows with his group in 2020 and This is also the case for the main cast of the dramatic film K in uscita ‘Phantom School’ insieme all’attore Im Sung-kyun.

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The producer of Ciipher Rain reveals how expensive it is to form a group of ragazzi K-pop – Tebigeek

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