Sorrento, the rock offer of Vision Distribution

“Let’s Rock”. This is the claim of the Vision Distribution convention of the daily professionals of Sorrento (organized by Anec), who have seen avvicendarsi sul box so many registered and leading actors of the company’s film. As per tradition, to introduce the presentation is state Massimiliano Orfei, Minister of Vision Distribution: «Ringrazio tutta la squadra di Vision e di Universal, ma anche all i produttori che lavorano con noi, partire dai nostri soci produttori. Sorrento is always a time for white, which is fatto di luci e ombre. We cannot still be soddisfatti of what we have loved, not constant and positive signs, and the road that we travel is still long. Ma vorrei sottolineare innanzitutto un punto fermo: il cinema sinza la sala non è cinema. This is the fundamental principle of your care, we fondiamo il nostro lavoro. For this reason we will always build a large listino and be able to dialogue with everyone and our pubs, without being out of order, prime time and training. And we made it punctuating his Italian film and also contaminating international productions with Italian talent».

To follow Orfei in the box is state Laura Mirabella, marketing director of Vision Distribution, who has presented a listino «Ricco che spazia dai autore film alla grande commedia italiana, fino ai film di genere». The manager has, inoltre, dialogue with all the talented protagonists of the various films of the company, including Alessandro Borghi, Massimiliano Bruno, Edoardo Leo, Anna Foglietta, Paolo Calabrese, Greta Scarano, Rocco Papaleo, Pilar Fogliati, Antonio Albanese and Riccardo Milani.

Follow all the films that will be distributed to the Vision Distribution cinema in the next semester:

the other mountain with Alessandro Borghi and Luca Marinelli (December 22)
The last night of love (February 23) with Pierfrancesco Favino
i migliori giorni by Massimiliano Bruno and Edoardo Leo (1 generation), with Leo, Anna Foglietta, Paolo Calabrese and Greta Scarano (1 generation)
Patagonia di Simone Bozzelli
scordato di e with Rocco Papaleo (March 30)
i peggiori giorni (20 April)
when di Walter Veltroni
Greta e le favole nere
– Romantiche di e with Pilar Fogliati (March 8)

To continue the presentation of the listing is Davide Novelli, Distribution Director of Vision, who has announced the following film:

– Grazie Ragazzi by Riccardo Milani and with Antonio Albanese

Follow the Vision Distribution preview:

confidence di Daniele Luchetti with Elio Germano
Caracas Say with Marco D’Amore (cast also Toni Servillo)
cento domeniche say with Antonio Albanese
Adage di Stefano Sollima with Pierfrancesco Favino, Toni Servillo and Valerio Mastandrea
The spring of my life
The order of the time di Liliana Cavani with Alessandro Gassmann, Edoardo Leo, Claudia Gerini
– The new film by Pio and Amedeo by Gennaro Nunziante
C’è ancora domani say e with Paola Cortellesi
enea di e con Pietro Castellitto (cast also Benedetta Porcaroli)
– the new film by Paolo Sorrentino
The Island by Pawel Pawlikowski
– the new film by Giuseppe Tornatore
priscilla say Sofia Copolla

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Sorrento, the rock offer of Vision Distribution

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