Sapete chi è Matteo Mancuso il giovane chitarrista ospite by Stefano Bollani and Valentina Cenni – Controcopertina

Matteo Mancuso è il giovane chitarrista che with his band si esibisce sulla Via dei matti alle 20.20 su Rai3. The Italian composer, pianist and singer welcomes a fat house of music, open ad amici e note, storie e sorrisi. This versatile musician also sounds jazz, contemporary music and blues and persino pop-rock for English groups that live in Italy. Nell’intervista rilasciata a Mancuso rivela como è è nata la sua passione por la musica: “Ho a suonare all’età di nove anni, indirizzato da mi padre Vincenzo, anch’egli musician. Più che altro è stato per me una guida all’ascolto. Alle superiori mi sono escritto al liceo musicale dove ho studied chitarra classica e fluto traverso. Ora sto seguendo corsi di chitarra jazz all’università”.

Matteo Mancuso, brings emerging jazz and rock chitarristi to the international scene, if he will be live in April all year round in three Italian cities. He was invited to fare his record debut in 2022. From Sicily, his name has gone on the world tour, saving more than 110,000 subscribers and more than 10 million reviews for his assoli cartoons on his YouTube channel. Chitarristi of the caliber of Al Di Meola, Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, Dweezil Zappa, Tosin Abasi and Stef Burns have recognized his quality as a virtuoso della chitarra, defining him as a giovanissimo ed eccezionale “axeman”.

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Virtuoso performer and outstanding composer, Matteo Mancuso is perfectly described as the moment when classical music was opposed to jazz and rock. Vincitore del titolo di “chitarrista dell’anno” at the Guitar Player Awards 2019, he is the status described by the legendary chitarrista Al Di Meola as a “superbo virtuoso”. The way of my dreams by Matteo is a combination of speed and sensitivity, rhythmic training, melody and improvisation that touches the soul.

With his chitarristic virtuosity, Mancuso is the symbol of a new generation of electric chitarristi. Equipped with remarkable precision and tremendous speed, it traverses diverse musical territory with total control and maximum sensitivity. Mancuso has developed a personal and revolutionary technique derived from fingerstyle. He risks suonare con facilità senza plettro, using quindi just tell him, that gli hanno permesso di esprimersi in unico stile that combines the technical standard and the riproduzione in chiave sfaccettata and originale. His influences include jazz più Montonieri such as Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, Django Reinhardt and John Coltrane.


Matteo Mancuso is a giovane chitarrista of great talent. He has participated in competitions and festivals in Italy and all over the world, with a special mention at the international competition “Premio Solinas” in Ragusa, where he has won the first prize. Matteo has suonato, fin da giovanissimo, with important Sicilian musicians (tra cui Massimo Calabrese), receiving excellent reviews.

Its original origin is quite definite. He was born in Messina, in Sicily, and has started to sing the chitarra all’età di 15 anni. He has begun to study classical chitarra at the Conservatorio di Catania while attending with alcuni dei migliori jazzisti siciliani e stranieri. He has continued negli anni to share the stage with the Sicilian star and with various formations, through a duet with father Vincenzo Mancuso, with whom he offers a repertoire that spazia da Django Reinhardt to contemporary jazz, and the trio “SNIPS” with whom he proposes standard arranging in chiave jazzrock, with Salvatore Lima on drums and Riccardo Oliva on bass. Polyhedral guitarist, he spazia dalla classical chitarra, all’elettrica, his quale he has sviluppato a personal execution technique entirely with him, who consented to a very original musical language.

His YouTube channel is widely followed by a vast international public, and has received plausi and expressions of love from Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Al Di Meola, Joe Bonamassa and Stef Burns, elsewhere. In 2017, within the scope of the Umbria Jazz Festival of Perugia, he has come to a studio for the present Berklee College of Boston. With the group “SNIPS” he has suonated, riscuotendo ampi consensi, al festival “Les Nuits De La Guitare” di Patrimonio, in Corsica, alla Musikmesse 2018 di Francoforte e Umbria Jazz 2018 for all the duration of the festival. In 2019, collaborating with Yamaha guitars, he has participated in NAMM 2019 and the tour in tutta la Russia per clinic semi-live per le chitarre Yamaha.

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Sapete chi è Matteo Mancuso il giovane chitarrista ospite by Stefano Bollani and Valentina Cenni – Controcopertina

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