Romina Power, the sad companion of the storm: “My arm…” | The pain is unbearable –

Romina Power and the sad scomparsa that storms the life of the singer da moltissimi anni: ecco di cosa si tratta

One of the women who have influenced the musical trajectory and the Italian spettacolo with her disarming beauty and her famous duo insieme ad Al Bano Carrisi è proprio lei, la splendida Romina Power. In the course of her wonderful carrier of her, she joined her ex-husband as a gift to the world of music so much success with Felicità, Nostalgia Canaglia, Ci sarà e molte partecipazioni al Festival di Sanremo that have marked an era in the world of music. Nonostante questo, però, the lady has seen a gravissima sofferenza ancora oggi viva nel suo cuore de ella.

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The beautiful Romina has always seen the cinema, set and music when her father was a Hollywood divo who changed the world of cinema, Tyrone Power. Nel corso della sua giovinezza, the beautiful Romina has participated in a ben quattordici film, one of the most important ones that we could quote is Justine, ovvero le disavventure della virtù Say Jesus Franco. Dopo the premature scomparsa di suo papà, the lady lives for a period of time with her nonna in Messico, Fine to transfer with his mother and the new company in the Capitale.

Il suo nome, infatti, derives from the great passion that i genitori maturavano per l’Italy and per la città di Roma in particular. La donna, giovanissima, comes written in the musicarello Nel Sole di un giovane Al Bano Carrisi che, once again on the set, comes folgorato dalla beauty della ragazza. Nonostante l’opposizione delle rispettive famiglie, i due to start a wonderful storia d’amore che ancora oggi è viva nei ricordi of the Italian public.

I due, collaborator also artistically giving life to successi intramontabili come quelli sopra citati nel primo paragrafo. As a coppia participated in due Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 at L’Aia with We’ll Live It All Again in 1985 to Göteborg with Magic, oh magicand infine Ci sarà, il brano portato al Festival di Sanremo in 1984.

Nonostante tutto, i due si separano dopo la scomparsa della primogenita Ylenia in 1994 in circostanze davvero mysterious. The copy does not risk overcoming the pain and the relationship ends in 1998. Per Romina, the figure is not my death and his rich heart is always alive in his mind and in his heart.

Il ricordo di Romina Power

The fantastic Romina Power hasn’t had the slightest desire to recover and wait for the first-born Ylenia, traveled to New Orleans in 1994 and is alive. Il ricordo is always accessible in his heart, in his mind and in his soul, both externally and in his social life.

Romina and Ylenia
Il ricordo alive in the mind of Romina Power (photo

The beautiful Romina Power has dedicated a beautiful post to her daughter Ylenia, posting on her own Instagram a scatto that the ritrae always meravigliosa.

She has written a moving message: “Ylenia, in this narcissistic, materialistic, superficial world i miss your sincerity, honesty and depth! 😔💖 #missing #missingperson.”

The translation afferma: “Ylenia, in this narcissistic, materialistic world, let me superficial my sincerity, oneness and depth! 😔💖 #missing #missingperson.”

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Romina Power, the sad companion of the storm: “My arm…” | The pain is unbearable –

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