Roberto Bella from the Trelilu group presents the “Pandemos” project at the CRC Foundation (PHOTO and VIDEO)

Ieri pomeriggio, Saturday November 12, presso la Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio c di Cuneo, Roberto Bella, Bertu dei Trelilu, and Giacomo Golinelli, from Promemoria Group, have presented the project Pandemos, financed by CRC, born from the idea of ​​censire, through a digital archive, tutti and musical groups of the Granda province that sing in piemontese. With a parrot, also the vice president of the foundation Enrico Collidà.

The structure of Pandemos is made up of due parts: her cousin, Bertu dei Trelilu, with the help of her collaborators, has identified 120 situations in which if she sings Piemontese in the province of Cuneo, and for which a centennial sono già stati inseriti nell’ digital archive created ad hoc by the Promemoria Group.

An archive that, as underlined by Bertu, does not have to have a “freezer” function that must be kept constantly updated. Pandemos, aggiudicatosi il bando Fuori Orario, has gone through the attempt to return to understand what is now the cause of the pandemic, from a social point of view, to the choral group and all the musical band. The rilancio part of the project, per far fronte all’ingerenza rilevata, has foreseen infatti a budget servito per le riprese video in presence of 20 gruppi musicale sparsi nella nostra che cantassero la canzone “la Bergëra”.

Symbol of popular Piemontese music, the Bergëra comes ovunque cantata, also added to the Irish pub of Dublin: “With Pandemos, it is interpreted in twenty ways, and it is an incredible mix, as well as livello of identification Bella snapped. From the new situation that we have selected, the twenty-first is a group of San Front that is anchored by the birth, and his lancio is very happy: we have raggiunto numeri altissimi”.

Dunque, the objective of the project is the status of reperforming all musical formations in the province of Cuneo that we know of, and the digital archive does move on its own in this direction.

Giacomo Golinelli of Promemoria Group, has spegato as the realization of an archive sia fundamentale for the diffusion of knowledge, that per se is not enough: deve essere prima messo a Sistema. In the digital collection of this, put the system into the trace lasciate dall’uomo. All the material that is collected is status in archive. In the Pandemos project, tutti i gruppi che fanno Piemontese music sono stati schedati in base alla zona, gli strumenti utilizzati, l’età dei componenti, ecc. and messi in this exclusive archive. “An archive, not only has a scheda per ogni singolo gruppo ma racconta also un tessuto, storie che si intrecciano e dei luoghi. An archive is alive and can be fed and approfondito, once again a social potential, promotional and academic one”.

A conclusion dell’incontro Bertu dei Trelilu has intonato la Bergëra with the chitarra e tutta the stalls.

If you can find the access to the complete file, if you need it, it is enough to contact the reference of the project Roberto Bella at the number +393386499997 oppure I will send an email to


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Roberto Bella from the Trelilu group presents the “Pandemos” project at the CRC Foundation (PHOTO and VIDEO)

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