Pop Art Andy Warhol conquers l’Abruzzo

L’AQUILA – Notwithstanding the war in Ukraine and the resulting economic gains due to the year of the pandemic, the art market is in good health. It was shown by the recent sale of “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn”, an opera by Pop Art Andy Warhol, the iconic ritratto of Marilyn Monroe from 1964, realized due to anni dopo la drammatica e per certi versi ancora mysterious morte dell’ actress, avevenuta nell’agosto 1962 when aveva 36 anni.

The opera, owned by the Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation, performed until the 9th anniversary of Christie’s in New York for 170 million dollars and was purchased with a fee and commission of 195 million from the American art dealer Larry Gagosian, has Much surpassed the record price paid for an opera by an American artist who rose to 2017, for the 1982 painting “Untitled” by Jean-Michel Basquiat, sold for 110 million dollars. “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” is made by Andy Warhol based on an advertising ritratto of the star and part of the series The Shot Marilyns. Rappresenta in primo piano Marilyn Monroe with i capelli in giallo, ombretto azzurro e labbra rosso vivo. The pop artist was fascinated by Hollywood and Marilyn Monroe, in particular, a legend of the great schermo considered the epitome of Hollywood glamour. Dopo la morte dell’attrice, Warhol began to immortalize her in his work. “In August of ’62 I started to make serigraphy… It was quite simple, fast and casual. I was not enthusiastic. My first experiments with my retina were stati and volti by Troy Donahue and Warren Beatty. How long have I lived? That month with the death of Marilyn Monroe, my idea of ​​making the screens of her beautiful vision, her first Marilyn, was fatto come,” said the artist at any time. In 1964 Warhol dipinse cinque ritratti di Marilyn, serigrafati con sfondi di diverse colori: rosso, arancione, azzurro, blu salvia e turchese e li conservò presso The Factory, his New York studio, in Manhattan on East 47th Street. He created and ritratti di Marilyn Monroe starting from a publicity photo of 1953 for his film Niagara. I dipinti hanno una storia davvero molto singolare. Dorothy Podber, performative artist, friend of photographer Billy Name from The Factory studio, saw and dipinti sovrapposti l’one contro l’altro nell’atelier e chiese Warhol if she could “dargli un colpo”. Believing that it was her intention to photograph and paint, Warhol consented.

La Podber, invece, toltisi i guanti neri estrasse a piccolo revolver dalla borsa e sparò a colpo contra la pila di quattro dipinti, che divennero famous as The Shot Marilyns. Le quattro opere raffiguranti l’attrice, trapassate dal proiettile, furono promptly restored. The fifth dipinto with the turchese background was not in the pile and sfuggì al danno. Andy Warhol, eats già accennato, dipinse cinque Marilyn with fun sfondi: rosso, arancione, turchese, azzurro e blu salvia (quello messo di recente all’asta). He created riproduzioni del suo viso de la più volte con colori vivaci, espesso con i lineamenti a po ‘di traverso. After starting to create and operate his Marilyn Già from 1962, only due anni più tardi Warhol arrived ad elaborate a serigraphy technique più raffinata and costly in termini di tempo, antithetical to the serial production for which he was best known. He created quindi a limited number of ritratti of the legendary Hollywood diva.

This technique, infatti, behaved with so much waste of time and difficoltà realizzative, insieme all’uso di pregiata Arches carta, che l’artista no utilizazò mai più, rendering ancora più unica l’opera che ne trasse. Il record de pezzi – oltre 250 stampe e dipinti originating from Warhol, possessed by a single art gallery – apart from the famous Revolver Gallery of Los Angeles, always specializing in the sale of the work of the pioneer of Pop Art. Fondazione PescarAbruzzo has access and riflettori nell’Imago Museum, new pole museale di Pescara dedicated to contemporary art, when the year scorso was up in exhibiting the exhibition “Andy Warhol and Mario Schifano tra Pop Art and Classicism”, in which this set due Important events have brought Warhol to the new in Abruzzo: a Show that will end on July 3 and a Until that will take place on June 21 next. In Montorio al Vomano, in the province of Teramo, the exhibition “Andy Warhol… in the City… and more…” was inaugurated on September 14, organized by the cultural association Artelive. For the past nine years, the creator of Pop Art, who is part of the New Factory Art collection, is a restaurant in the former Convento degli Zoccolanti fine on Sunday 3 July. Traveling it comes out, it is possible to admire all Warhol’s artistic journey, with recent operations at the Hermitage of San Pietroburgo and that if I could admire Istanbul.

After the opera esposte c’è “Flowers”, di estremo valore, he operates only his 1964 canvas. ‘Aste di Gianluca Gliubich (www.gliubich.com) Tuesday 21 Giugno, dalle 15.00, nella stupenda cornice di Palazzo Cipolloni Cannella sul Corso Vittorio Emanuele, esiterà ben three opere by Andy Warhol. It is davvero a great attessa and a relevant interest per l’asta d’art modern and contemporary that oltre alle tre opere of the great Pop artist will see that di Severini, Manzoni, Schifano, Arman and many others. Queste in the detail the operation of Warhol that saranno proposed dalla Casa d’Aste Gliubich il 21 giugno: il lotto 185, la cui stima è compresa tra 12 e 15 mila Euro, è a serigrafia a colori denominata “Ladies and Gentlemen”, laughingly at 1975. The opera is part of the series of drag queen ritratti performed by Warhol in the artistic stage successive to that of the great iconic ritratti of Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley. I starred in the night scene of the New York night club if I transformed under the lens of Warhol’s Polaroid into models of some of the operas that were provocative and iconic in the history of art. I will follow lotto 186, “Poinsettias”, screenprint from 1983, valued at 40 and 60 thousand Euro. The making of Poinsettias is inserted into the interior of Andy Warhol’s first year ’80 artistic production. The theme’s scelta is evocative of the artist’s predilection for its iconic legacy to consumerism and the world of American mass culture. It is not surprising that the Stella di Natale, intense as a symbol of the festival più dominated by consumerism, fascinated Andy Warhol. Infine il lotto 187, “Jimmy Carter II”, a serigraph of his letter from zucchero blue laughter to 1976. The opera was commissioned by all the authors of the Comitato Nazionale dei Democratici on the occasion of the presidential campaign.

Following Warhol, Jimmy Carter spoke of interceding and voting for più giovani and degli abitanti de New York, enjoying the powerful notoriety of the artist’s pop icon for his own vantage. This ritratto shows a Jimmy Carter with a smile smagliante, a scelta probably voluta per affascinare gli elettori chiamati alle urne. Warhol added a personal touch, enriching the stamp with pennellated red and blue (and the color of the American Democratic Party), and pink for the return of Carter’s hand. The artist from Pittsburgh was always fascinated by the ambiguous rapport of politics and the world of the star. Warhol mise in suddenly shows his artistic talent, fin da piccolo. Because of a malattia della pelle he spends infatti molto tempo da solo, designing and collecting the photography of the great divisive of Hollywood that he ritagliava dai giornali, like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Clark Gable. With his personal artistic interpretation, he contributed to unire questi due mondi, including a performance by “celebrità” also nei ritratti politici, like that of Jimmy Carter. This unique fish was in 2012 at the exhibition “American Dream” in the Galleria Agnellini Arte Moderna di Brescia. L’opera è raffigurata a pag. 143 of the catalog.

If part gives a base of up to fifty thousand Euro, for one estimate it reaches 70 thousand. Andy Warhol (Pittsburgh, August 6, 1928 – New York, February 22, 1987), a former Slovakian immigrant, studied advertising art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh. He received the award in 1949 if he transferred to New York, multicultural metropolis per excellence, which offered a wide window of opportunity, whether in the field of advertising or art, but also in newspapers, working for prestigious magazines, such as Vogue and Glamour. Warhol is infatti one of the personalità più eclettiche del Novecento, spaziando nei campi della painting, della grafica, dell’illustrazione pubblicitaria, della scultura, della sceneggiatura, della production cinematográfico e televisiva, e in the cinema as a registry, director of photography and persino as an actor . Warhol is an extraordinary and predominant personality of Pop Art, tra gli artisti più influenti del XX secolo. Also, this brief annotazioni rendono the event of three operations until the 21st of June, Gliubich Casa d’Aste davvero denso d’interesse e curiosità in Abruzzo, ma non solo, considerato che, come d’abitudine, l’asta andrà also online his piattaforma della Gliubich and his other art site.

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Pop Art Andy Warhol conquers l’Abruzzo

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