Pink Floyd, in the documentary arrives its Syd Barrett

The legendary co-founder of the English rock band will be at the center of a new documentary produced by Mercury Studios. It is reported exclusively by the Statutory magazine Deadline. Il documentary si entitled “Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd

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Syd Barrett, the legendary co-founder of Pink Floyd, will be at the center of a new documentary produced by Mercury Studios. It is reported exclusively by the Statutory magazine dead linewhich reveals the first focus of a new documentary will be on the brilliant – and troublesome – member of Pink Floyd (part of the first original line-up, composed by Richard Wright, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett noted).

“Una delle più grandi band rock n’ roll di tutti i tempi” writes Matthew Carey nell’articolo recently apparso su dead line talking about Pink Floyd.

The title of the documentary is Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd. The film explores the enigmatic Barrett, who wrote the first success of Pink Floyd and invented the band’s name (a mashup of obscure blues musicians, like Pink Anderson and Floyd Council). In 1968, only shortly after the founding of the group, Barrett was associated with Lasciare and Pink Floyd when his band’s companions were alarmed because of his mental instability and his use of psychedelic drugs.

Barrett has registered a solo album paio prima di uscire definitly dal mondo delle sette note.

the documentary


Max Gazzè will raffle Pompei dei Pink Floyd live

“Barrett has abandoned music, returning home to Cambridge for the last 30 years of his life and returning to his first love for painting,” he said in an official statement containing the documentary. “In a commovente mode, some of the records of the greatest global success of Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and TheWall – Esaminano temi di follia e celebrità tra cui ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond‘e’Wish You Were Here‘, written as a tribute to Barrett” continues the statement.

the production


I Pink Floyd have not announced an event at the centrale of Battersea

Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd It is the direct status of multi-award winning recordist Roddy Bogawa and the accompanying graphic designer Storm Thorgerson, co-founder of the Hipgnosis store, who has created some of the rock album copertines famous for tutti and tempi, after cui Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were here (Between Pink Floyd, it is also superfluous to specify the data that is also there and paracarri). Thorgerson aveva conosciuto Barrett fin dagli anni ’60.
The film’s executive producers included Luke Thornton and Liz Silver for Believe Media, Paul Loasby and Geoff Kempin and Alice Webb for Mercury Studios.

“The film is completed by Bogawa with StormStudios photographer Rupert Truman and producer Julius Beltrame who shot Storm’s premature death in 2013,” reads the statement. “The producer Orian Williams […] has participated in the project while it was anchored in production.”

The documentary, produced by Believe Media and A Cat Called Rover, presents nine interviews with a member of Pink Floyd, with David Gilmour (Barrett’s childhood friend, who was joined by Pink Floyd in 1967 and has been constantly il vuoto lasciato da Barrett), Nick Mason and Roger Waters. I also spoke with Sorella di Barrett, Rosemary Breen, Pink Floyd manager Peter Jenner and Andrew King, Pete Townshend of Who, Graham Coxon of Blur and Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT, fine adrrivare playwright Tom Stoppard, giusto to cite alcuni. Actor Jason Isaacs narrates the film.

The soundtrack includes over 50 musical brani by Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett.

Syd Barrett was il “creative fuel”


Showcase: Pink Floyd and the cover of Studio Hipgnosis

“Syd Barrett is now a simple co-founder of Pink Floyd,” said Alice Webb, CEO of Mercury Studios. “It was the creative fuel, which is a diventato an icon of pop culture and has lasted much to chiedersi dove fosse andato while his presence sopravviveva nella musica que venne dopo”.

The statunitense film producer Orian Williams has commented: “The most difficult part in recounting Syd Barrett’s story is to interpret his process of harmony and as the unappealing sound synergy and visual discord, apparently casually involved, planned and well congegnated. . [Il regista] Roddy Bogawa ci dà one sguardo su como Barrett ha canalato il genio, la follia e la experimentazione nei Pink Floyd, la nave en cui tutte se ha no prisono vita, ma ha ache portato via Syd”.

The stessa “tragic story of Brian Wilson and Kurt Cobain”


Pink Floyd, i 15 album in studio and unedited content on TikTok

Bogawa added: “The tragic story of Brian Wilson and Kurt Cobain is often in music and art, it spins creative splosive spesso if based on its fragile exuberant energy that is fed by the pressure of the successful parrot. Il film non è only il ritratto de una delle figure di cult più iconiche della musica traverso l’obiettivo ei ricordi dei suoi compagni di band, amanti, amici e musicisti, ma also one sguardo indietro a gruppo di amici cresciuto a metà degli anni Sessanta e il loro idealismo, ambizioni, speranze e sogni during a così straordinario cultural moment”, if you legge your dead line.

I progetti di Mercury Studios


Pink Floyd, tornano with Hey Hey Rise Up dedicated all’Ucraina

Tra i progetti attuali di Mercury Studios ci sono il documentary de Disney+ If These Walls Could Sing“la storia non raccontata dei famous Abbey Road Studios”, directly from the photographer and recorder Mary McCartney (figlia di Paul McCartney) and Shania Twain: Not Just a Girla documentary about her Canadian country pop superstar, is available in streaming on Netflix.

the recent Miles Davis: Birth of The Cool dei Mercury Studios, directed by Stanley Nelson, has won a News and Documentary Emmy, through Outstanding Arts and Culture Documentary and Outstanding Sound.

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Pink Floyd, in the documentary arrives its Syd Barrett

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