Pink Floyd and Queen in mostra in Puglia, il Medimex celebrates the due band symbol of rock

Medimex returns with a great name in concert – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on June 19 in Taranto, The Chemical Brothers on July 14 in Bari – tomorrow with an important show. The International festival & music conference promotes the Puglia Region and the Puglia Sounds act if you take your post to the center of the estate, dopo il sick due to the pandemic year. E, data that raddoppia i luoghi dove si svolgerà – Taranto e Bari, per l’appoint – allora doubles also gli appuntamenti with the esposizioni.

Il Museo Archeologico Nazionale MarTA di Taranto, Quindi, by 2022 apre i suoi spazi ai Pink Floyd with a show curated by Ono Arte Contemporanea, in anteprima Nazionale, which guards it from its rapport by the British band and Studio Hipgnosis. It was the last one, thanks to the vision of Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell, who made the Immaginific Universe of Pink Floyd visible, making some of the covers of discs that sound like a story. She carries the signature parrot, right for every example, the mucca di “Atom heart mother”, as the prism through the light of “Dark side of the moon”.

A Taranto saranno in exhibition 55 operates in a large format, and pure and preparatory work that has carried all the definitive cover. It will also be a space for other jobs that Studio Hipgnosis has done for other colossi of world music, such as Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Rolling Stones. Always in Taranto the artistic declination of Medimex if it spins fine to the Aragonese castle, its face will present a three-dimensional visual installation of the title “3D Pink Floyd: give the porte dell’alba al pared” by Hermes Mangialardo, curated by Valentina Iacovelli and with the production of Contempo (from June 16 to 18, exclusively by Medimex). Ma se l’evento musicale aveva scelto negli ultimi anni Taranto come luogo ideale, pray, dopo the pandemic, lengthen il respite and also return to Bari, memory of a extraordinary last edition in 2017 with Iggy Pop.

The return is in great style with the concert of The Chemical Brothers, tomorrow the capoluogo will present a show: “Denis O’Regan with Queen” will be held from July 13 to August 28 at Spazio Murat, and it will be the fulcrum of the Immortal band guided by Freddie Mercury. Even if it is shown in the background, it will always be a legacy of British music legend and takes the view from the point of view of Denis O’Regan, official photographer of The Queen’s tour in 1986.

All’epoca erano già mito, a sociocultural phenomenon that was in the other loro canzoni, ma O’Regan met Freddie and soci da tempo, since when tredici anni prima – nel 1973 – vide il loro primo concerto all’Hammersmith Odeon di Londra, eat gruppo spalla di Mott the Hoople. In a little over a decade, The Queen stravolto avevano le classifiche, la musica e gli ascoltatori, O’Regan li continued as official photographer of The Magic tour, fine alla storica esibizione al Knebworth park di Londra, davanti a 115,000 people. The band dovette raggiungere il box in elicottero perché impossible to fare altrimenti, the photographer did not leggiò another elicottero con pilota in mode to allow me to document that unusual event, and the most iconic photo that O’Regan riuscì a scattare è quella dove i Queen not si vedono: if you only see a withered elicotter with the name of the group, who has a tappeto of people who attend in basso, “the testimony – has revealed the stesso O’Regan – of how many diventati grandi, the parlava elicotter per parrot”. If you see that photo, allo Spazio Murat di Bari, tomorrow I pictured him on a tour that could see him being the last of The Queen, from the big time and the most intimate moment of backstage, give him a tour of Europe and him indimenticabili tappe at Wembley. The icon Freddie Mercury if he turns on the scene that gli spetta, and fra le immagini più identifiable non manca neanche quella famous in which he dons a gold crown and a shawl regale sulle spalle, and raises an arm to the sky. In tutto ci saranno 60 photograph, esposte with an immersive allestimento; the modality of access to entry I showed you on its site

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Pink Floyd and Queen in mostra in Puglia, il Medimex celebrates the due band symbol of rock

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