Pinguini Tattici Nucleari e Madame in concerto per gli 800 anni dell’Università di Padova

The sound colonna of the future is not so different from the spirit that has animated and first dried up the life of the University of Padova: liberate, lively, always open to the intrecci and alle contaminazioni. It is a contemporary seal that fits perfectly into the mosaic of the celebration of the Octocentennial – the international scientific conference and the Nobel Prize winner, the art show and the initiative that recounts the history of the Athenaeum – the great concert/event “The Academy Night. Freshers & Students Welcome Concert” organized by Unipd for Tuesday 4 October at the Parco della Musica di Padova.


A musical marathon, connected to all matricoles, to students and students of the Ateneo, with protagonists from some of the giovani artists who loved the Generation Z: dai Pinguini Tattici Nucleari a Madame, dai Rovere a Cmqmartina, da YTAM ai Fantahouse. Inoltre, in the year that the University of Padova dedicates to the enrollment in the pomeriggio that anticipates the great concert, the rettrice Daniela Mapelli, with the council of Padova Sergio Giordani, condotti da Federico Taddia welcomed the Teatro Verdi di Padova the studentesse and gli studenti nazionali and internazionali che hanno scelto l’Università di Padova per i propri universitari studi. Attesi sul paco i Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, a group that hasn’t had a talent for presentations, reduced to a state of incredible success with a tour with over 250,000 attendees and a single constantly in vetta alle classifiche, and Madame, multi-platinum urban singer, symbol of the fluid generation, che chiuderanno serata in beauty. First of the great finale il viaggio “Dalla Terra a Marte” with i Rovere, a band capable of raccontare i vent’anni negli anni ’20 come nessun altro sa fare e l’energia dei Fantahouse, group of 4 ragazzi that has raggiunto il successo virale his Tik Tok and Spotify with the brano-manifesto della Generazione Z “Siamo ragazzu”. Ad aprire le danze ci saranno la regina della nu-dance Cmqmartina, who will transport the public in his world fatto di intrecci di cassa dritta e pop e YTAM, singer-songwriter che attinge nell’immaginario e nello stile dalla musica e cultura pop, dal cinema e give her her stelle to create an original mix dall’anima nostalgica.


Pre-order (single post 5 euro), book in the student community of the University of Padua, will be available from 10th of July to 22nd of September. The University of Padova has decided to extend the study, in the consent number given by the serata, in favor of students and foreign students from the Paesi teatri di crisi, in particular in Myanmar. The harsh repression imposed by the Giunta militare del Colpo di Stato dell’1 febbraio 2021 has caused the country to suffer from a civil war. Tale answered, in constant deterioration, he is preventing many promising giovani birmani from continuing his studies and porre le basi for a brilliant personal and professional avvenire. By 2021, the Ateneo is the promoter of three programs for the financing of study funds in support of Afghani and Ukrainian students and students riuscendo to spend on oggi 144 study funds. It is an 800-year initiative carried out with the contribution of the Regione del Veneto, Fondazione Cariparo, Camera di Commercio di Padova and the institutional collaboration of the Comune di Padova. Main sponsor Eurointerim SpA Sponsor Fischer Italia Srl

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Pinguini Tattici Nucleari e Madame in concerto per gli 800 anni dell’Università di Padova

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