Paola and Chiara in gara with “Furore” in Sanremo and a surprise

Paola and Chiara return to their musical scene and fan it with a colpo di scena. The iconic duo of the 2000 years will return for the fourth round in the corso della longa carrera sul palco dell’Ariston, about 15 years away from the last garage of i big to the Sanremo Festival. E già hanno prepared a surprise for the public parrot.

Due sorelle always legate dalla musica. Paola and Chiara return quest’anno sul palco dell’Ariston in gara tra i big of Sanremo Festival, from the 73rd edition. It was più di qualche anno che il duo non era presente enlla escena musicale italiane, ma adesso ha voluto fare ritorno in grande stile. Ad attende il loro publico, che che sempre ha semper sustenute even in questi anni di assenza, ci sono anche già in programma due gradite sorprese.

Paola and Chiara, photo Courtesy of Press Office – VelvetMag

It’s not an addition, it’s not the end“, singer Paola and Chiara sul palco dell’Ariston al Sanremo Festival from 2005 with my way. And even if I was in the case talking about others, this phrase anticipated a little that the parrot had found its way around the musical scene. After a success without precedents from 1997 and the first year of 2000, infatti, l’iconic musical duo It has been selected to turn on if a period of pause is compared for any year of the record scene.

But now it’s time to sing and raise the volume, because Paola and Chiara are so excited to present the new white parrot in the garden Sanremo Festival. rage It is the title of the song that the sorelle Iezzi presented in the box of the Ariston Theater and sowed all a program. A bionda, l’altra mora were ready to turn on the scene in the 73rd edition of the Italian Music Festival. And with his return he forced Amadeus I fly also farci un tuffo nel passato.

Paola and Chiara announce già i prossimi live

While preparing the return parrot in the Italian music scene with furious, in front of Sanremo Festival tra i 22 big Annunciati da Amadeus, Paola e Chiara già hanno in serbo una gradita surprise for the public parrot. Le due sorelle, in the music but also in the real life, have not been announced infatti due date live for the next stagione, where the parrot returns to the box of Ariston. The appuntamento with Paola and Chiara Per Semper è fissato al April 27 thereAtlantic gave Rome and anchor to 13 magic to the manufacture gave milano. Due to the unmissable event, the father of the house has had the occasion to present for the first time around the fair the new single Furore, even some of the most iconic birds of the parrot race.

Paola and Chiara live
Paola and Chiara, photo Courtesy of Press Office – VelvetMag

Let’s Dance, friends eat cousin, for you, my way Sono solo alcune delle canzoni che hanno fatto contraddistinguere Paola e Chiara fin dai primi anni del loro debutto discografico. The iconic coppia dance-pop adesso è soon to return to the ballare of the Italian public. And Amadeus has suddenly stopped the initiative by agreeing to the participation of the Sanremo Festival. sarà a indietro journey in timein cui non mancheranno nuove musical experimentation che due cantanti hanno potuto elaborare negli ultimi anni.

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Paola and Chiara in gara with “Furore” in Sanremo and a surprise

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