Official: added to this iconic Apple product

Non ci sono più ripensamenti. One of the iconic products for the excellence of Apple, theipod touch, non verrà più venduto. Di fatto, questa è la end of a season What has been seen is born and I notice a multimedia letter in London October 23, 2001quindi più di vent’anni fa.

In fact, it is also a credit to the success of the iPod Touch Apple is the giant technology that we knew oggi. Come afferma l’azienda in an official note, with the introduction of oltre 20 anni fa “The iPod has been fascinated by all the tools of the world that appreciate the possibility of carrying it with be your own music, ovun que loro vadano“. Fortunately, the possibility of keeping one’s own music library dappertutto is also possible with altri tipi di prodotti, that vanno dagli smartphone/tablet Android and notebook in general, alla line (obviously) di device della Mela (dall’iPhone all’Apple Watch, passing by l’iPad and Mac). L’original ideaperò, always remains la stessa: quella dell’iPod.

Apple: the iconic spirit of the iPod sopravvive

Il colosso di Cupertino afferma, through the dichiarazione di Greg JoswiakSenior Vice President Worldwide Marketing of Apple, who “The iPod has had an impact not only on the music industry, but it has also taken a definite way in which music comes to reach, listen and share“.

Tuttavia, standing by how much afferma the manager, spirit Iconic multimedia reader sopravvivethanks to all the other devices dell’azienda, che offrono “a quality of high livello, accanto ad un audio spaziale“.

Sopravvive soprattutto il fatto che gli utenti ormai sono abituati, also e soprattutto grazie agli iPod degli anni scorsi, ad listen to music ovunque in digital format. I’m not going to say, who knows, there’s a market for her streaming music We dobbiamo in good part to the success of the Apple iPod.

Ipod touch 2019: the last in sale

The original iPod (that commercialized in 2001) is the first MP3 reader to be able to contain 1,000 brani e ad assicurare one battery life of 10 hours. The latest version rises to 2019, presenting the seventh generation of the iconic Apple product. Stando a quanto dichiarato ufficially dalla Mela morsicata, dunque, questo modello will be the last in vendita e, di fatto, available fine ad essaurimento scorte.

The tone of the latest iPod touch on the market is Grigio Siderale, Argento, Rosa, Blu, Oro e (PRODUCT) Red. The device has a display of 4 colors and supports iOS 13. Per chi ha l’intenzione di purchase Last model of the story of the iPod touch, and prezzi in Italy partno da 247 euros For the 32GB variant it costs 455 euros for the 128GB version, but it will arrive at 461 euros for the 256GB version.

Not quite a bit, for an iconic product that is ormai superato, but it is absolutely probable that this model enters the turn of the year because it is very close to the collection. Il suo valore nel mercato di second hand, quindi, tra qualche anno potrebbe essere be più alto.

Apple iPod Touch (32GB) – Grigio Siderale (Last Model)

Apple iPod Touch (32GB) – Grigio Siderale (Latest Model)

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Official: added to this iconic Apple product

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