Monferrato On Stage, the Asti Symphony Orchestra and the chitarrist Andrea Braido with Symphony Of Rock

Il Monferrat On Stage returns on December 9 to Alfieri di Asti Theater, will be the last appuntamento of the 7th edition of the rassegna “in the scoperta of the territory of Monferrato tra enogastronomia e musica”. South box l’ORCHESTRA SINFONICA DI ASTI and the chitarrista ANDREA BRAIDO with “SYMPHONY OF ROCK” the concerto that unifies symphonic music and rock. Il Monferrato and this prestigious project were recently reported during a piacevole conference that helped them to know and understand each other’s territory that this project has.
The itinerant rassegna returns to value and will always know more about the territory of the Monferrat To the local populace and to the tourists, there are a series of events in which music against the food and wine world.
THE ASTI SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA and the chitarrista ANDREA BRAIDO metteranno in scene “Symphony of Rock”, an innovative and co-involving spettacolo in which symphonic music is rooted in rock. Pink Floyd, What in, deep purple, Van Halen, Santana I am only a few brothers and great artists who have come to interpret in
chiave sinfonica dall’Orchestra Sinfonica di Asti, direct from the Silvano Pasini (che ha anche curato gli arrangiamenti), che, in occasione del Monferrat On Stageif he will unite again to the electric guitar of Andrea braided.
A great Symphony Orchestra, some fra i più iconici brani Rock di tutti i tempi e la strepitosa chitarra di Andrea braided: potevamo non buttarci anima e corpo in questa splendid adventure?” – said the President of the Symphony enricoBellatti.
When Music has its own and diverse traditions, ciò che ne può scaturire è davvero potente e covolgente” – affirms ilchitarrista Andrea braided –“Of the rest the good music can not be shared with other good music.
Symphony of Rok” è fruto della collaborazione tra la MOS FoundationheSymphonic Orchestra of Asti and Andrea braided e, lending ad accrescere the value of the territory in cultural and musical terms, supports the brand GoldMonferrato. The following link is the trailer of the spettacolo:
The December 9 appuntamento is carried out by the Fondazione Mos with the co-organizzazione della Città di Asti and in collaboration with the Consorzio della Barbera d’Asti and Wine from Monferrato, Confagricoltura di Asti e dei Comuni e delle Pro loco aderenti alla rassegna. VISIT PIEDMONT è main sponsor of the event.
A strong, powerful and exciting musical performance, unprecedented in Italy, thought, created and organized in total autonomy, with the pioneering spirit that contrasts with Monferrato On Stage, for cui, there is good music, yes add another good music” would say Christian Massaiapresident of the Fondazione MOS.
Paesaggio, bellezze architettoniche, enogastronomia d’eccellenza and events are elements fondamentali per lesuccessful tourist destinations – sottolinea Beppe carlevarispresident say visit piedmont – Initiative artistic comeMonferrato on Stage contribute to the arrival of an answer to the attractiveness of Rilievo, già al centro del progetto specific value of the North Astigiano “GoldMonferrato” che visitPiemonte is performing on the side of the Regione Piemonte. Scoperta tourism, peculiarity of culture and tradition, uniqueness and authenticity are the values ​​that we want Transmettere a viaggiatori consapevoli, in omaggio a terra davvero speciale. Also the music, a good direct, the part of this corner.”

The music is a fundamental part of the vita di ognuno di noi. Music is alive, social aggregation, ma soprattutto pearl balmanimates – say Filippo Mobrici, President of the Consorzio della Barbera d’Asti e Vini del Monferrato I am very happy that Asti hosted a demonstration that racconti the music, in particular way dopo gli years of Covid-19 and the difficulties of the last months. Eat Consorzio Barbera dAsti and wine from Monferrato supportiamo questa manifestazione perché possa esserci più gioia, culture and serenity.”

the rassegna Monferrat On Stage born in 2016 gives an idea of Christian Massaia with the intent to create a festival fruit of the collaboration of the diverse realtà of Monferrato. La rassegna, the cui prima edizione, has seen the participation of 6 piccoli communes of Monferrato, in 2019 it will arrive to count 16 communes aderenti. This project carried forward negli anni, has assumed such a dimension, da richiedere the born in 2020 di “MOS Foundation”, a non-profit legal entity that pursues the objective of creating and disseminating a sense of strong appartenza of real estate present in the territory of Monferrato through the constitution of a strongly identitary social text.

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Monferrato On Stage, the Asti Symphony Orchestra and the chitarrist Andrea Braido with Symphony Of Rock

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