Metallica, the story of the youth of James Hetfield: the first dream “72 seasons”

Yo metallica hanno annunciato l’uscita del loro eleventh album, 72 Seasons, arriving on April 14. A second title James Hetfield reppresents: «I first said anni della nostra vita, the period in which it forms il nosto bvero or falsio io: prigionieri dell’infanzia or liberi dalle catene che ci portiamo dietro». Ma come sono state le primeme settantadue stagioni del cantante dei Metallica?

James Hetfield He was born on August 3, 1963 in Downey, California: his father Virgil Lee was a veteran truck driver of the Second World War and his mother Cynthia an opera singer passionate about art. His ancestors were fundamentalist cattolici of the Church of Christ Scientist founded in New England in 1875 by Mary Baker Eddy, who has theorized about other things in the rift of medicine and secular science and physical exercise.

«Per me è stato difficile, no lo capivo» has contacted James Hetfield«Mi sentivo solo, isolato dagli altri. I thought that there were some things I lost in me». His mother tells him about the music, but James can’t stand the piano lezioni and starts to explore rock’n’roll: «The first album that I bought is the single of Sweet Home Alabama dei Lynyrd Skynyrd». His father takes him to fish on this adventure nei boschi, but he also has a very rigid education: «He was the typical father that you gridava: tagliati i capelli».

In casa ci sono due fratellastri più grandi (avuti dalla madre dal primo matrimonio). One sounds the battery, the other has a good collection of vinyl. One in particular, with a disturbing hood and the bell ringing under a pioggia scrosciante all’inizio del primo brano colpisce his attention. The debut of the Black Sabbath from 1970: «It wasn’t just music, it was something of più»has said James Hetfield in the speech with whom he introdotto i Black Sabbath in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006, «It was a way of speaking, the voice that I did not hear».

When he has three years (and if he finds himself in a summer campus organized by the chiesa) the father lasses the mother and abandons the family without daring troppe spiegazioni. The mother tells James that she is in giro per lavoro.

Lui continues to play the battery and play the guitar, and if he buys the first Gibson SG: «In practice I will play the guitar like a battery. I return a percussive sound, direct ma anche in degree of riempire lo spazio. He does immerse nei dischi degli Aerosmith («Perché Joe Perry was the più figo di tutti») and dei Van Halen («Perché he trasudava gioventù e ribellione») and 15 years goes to a concerto dei Blondie at the Greek Theater.

In February 1980, when the mother died of cancer, she attacked the cure for religious reasons and died quickly: «L’abbiamo vista spegnersi davanti ai nostri occhi» has said James Hetfield. Il tema della morte will diverà centrale nelle sue canzoni de él. «But in that moment non riuscivo to write a song that can save my life» has said, «I will only be free from the school, from the job, from the music that ascoltavano and ragazzi from the college. I fly away from my dysfunctional family». James lives with brother David, attends Downey High School and Brea Olinda High School and sings in a diverse band (Obsession, Syrinx, Phantom Lord) cousin of Leather Charm with bassist Ron McGovney, his classmate, the guitarist Hugh Tanner and drummer Jim Mulligan. James Hetfield graduated in June 1981 and compie diciotto anni quell’estate. He washes like addetto alle pulizie in a scuola e poi in a fabbrica di adesivi, writing testi during the morning break and singing them in a recorder that is always right. I Leather Charm if sciolgono lo stesso anno, my cousin Hugh Tanner points out to James an ad that he has seen in his magazine The Recycler: «Drummer close to altri metal musicians. Influenze: Tygers of Pang Tang, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden. Chiedete di Lars». At the very end of the first seasons of his life, James Hetfield against Lars Ulrich and formed the band that changed his life and the history of American metal, Metallica.

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Metallica, the story of the youth of James Hetfield: the first dream “72 seasons”

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